Sunday, August 8, 2010

104 in 104: #61 Go on a Date to Color Me Mine

Remember how I started this post a month ago...well yeah, now I finally got around to uploading photos. Welcome to the new world of delayed tasks I call "life as a parent"

Way back when, in the winter of 2006, I went on a date to Color Me Mine. I thought it was really fun and ever since I've wanted to go back. So when I was overdue with Everly and Joe and I needed to kill time (aka mostly distract me from the misery of STILL being pregnant) we decided to have one last big date without needing a baby sitter or having to bring the baby along.

We went to Olive Garden and shared some pasta. It was delicious.

Then we went to Color Me Mine. For those of you who haven't been it's a place where you go, pick out a ceramic piece, paint it yourself, leave it to be fired and then go back and pick it up. It's a little pricey but we went on a night when we only had to pay half the regular studio fees so that helped with the cost.

Joe painted this "You Are Special Today" plate to give to his mother for her birthday in July. It has a nice homemade look which makes it even more charming for use in a family home...I'm wondering now if it's actually safe to eat off of...we'll have to find out.
And I painted Everly a piggy bank...err...rather an "elephant bank". We're going to collect some of our spare change for her and add it to her college fund (our plan is to give our kids money for college for every birthday and every Christmas). It's not much of a savings plan but it is darling and gives me a place to drop all those pesky pennies that pile up around the house.
And thus I accomplished #61 on my list of 104 in 104...progress :). You can see the whole list here.

4 little remarks:

Ali said...

sweet, sweet little piggy!! Love it! She'll treasure that forever I'm sure. I love color me mine! But it's a little intimidating for me...still love it though!

Genavee said...

I've only been to one of those paint your own pottery places once and I loved it. Your stuff came out quite cute too.

Sarah Flib said...

Cute, Anna. I love what you guys made. As far as saving money goes, we decided to open up savings accounts for our kids when they're first born and then contribute a specific amount each month. We gave Madeline an extra boost at the beginning, and then when people give us money for her, we generally add that to her account as well. She also gets to keep any money that she earns from participating in clinical trials for CF research (we just add it to her account), but hopefully that will not apply to your situation! It's amazing how little things add up.

Heather and PJ said...

I love Color Me Mine! I haven't been in ages but my husband and I used to go all the time (prior to our 2 kids). Anyway I have a couple of plates, a bowl, and pie pan - we have been eating off them for years, even throwing them in the dishwasher and they have worked just fine.

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