Tuesday, August 10, 2010

104 in 104: #83 Go to A Sporting Event Together

I am not an athletic person...perhaps the extra poundage I was sporting before I got pregnant is the best evidence of this. So I'm not good at playing sports myself and I've never really loved attending sporting events (except for the social factor in high school and college).

[True story: in high school I asked my friend Chelsey (big football fan) at a football game how the other team gets possession of the ball if they don't intercept it. She laughed at me and told me, "Anna, there are these things called downs...". If you don't get why that's funny you must be similarly athletically challenged, lets be friends]

So I'm not quite sure how/why #83 made the list. But amazingly we completed it not once, but THREE times. Can you believe that?

Sporting event #1: Jazz Game
No pics...except one on Joe's cell I think. But anyhow we got free tickets from our brother-in-law and so we went, good times. I ate a churro.

Sporting event #2: Real Salt Lake Game
You can see more pics over on the family blog. Joe and his singing group performed the national anthem--again FREE tickets, good seats, it was a lot of fun. I ate a churro, a sno cone, and some of Joe's hot chocolate...sporting event food, that's what comes naturally to me :)

Sporting event #3: Salt Lake City Bees Game
I was 3 days overdue for having our baby girl and I'm not wild about baseball anyway. But we went since Joe was performing the national anthem again and our tickets were free. We left after like 2 or 3 innings. I'm seriously NOT into baseball. We shared Dip'n'dots--yum.

So there you go, for some non-sporty people I'm amazed we've attended so many events. No others in our near future except perhaps another Real game, that one was lots of fun.

[See the whole list of 104 things to do in 104 weeks right, here]

3 little remarks:

Tara said...

I love how the main focus in your report of each sporting event was the food consumed :) Good times!

painty (Melinda) said...

We should totally be friends. I didn't understand the "downs" thing at all.

Steve Weller said...

This is great! I haven't been on your blog in a while, and it's still fun. Hope all is well with you and your little one!

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