Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Check This Out: One Line A Day Journal

Journaling is a struggle for a lot of us. This journal makes it easy.

It has a day for each page (and five slots on each for each year). Each slot is quite small, just enough for a very small paragraph. The idea, at least in my mind, is to remember more the everyday happenings of each day. It's likely I'll record big events with the camera/blog/photo books...but I may not remember the day that Everly grabbed her baby gym handle on her own for the first time or the day that Joe and I went and fed the ducks at Sugarhouse Park. I also love that it has 5 years worth on a single for special days you can quickly browse over what you did each year on that day (i.e. on anniversaries, birthdays, holidays). And it's more likely that I'll record moments/memories instead of deeply personal thoughts--so it's something I'll happily let my posterity read later on.

Anyway, when Amazon offered me a $5 credit via email I used it to help purchase this journal and it arrived today. It's been on my want list for a while. I plan on keeping it on my coffee table and filling it out at the end of the day as I wind down. If you want one you can find it (and look inside) on Amazon for less than $12. Winner. You might also want to look at this "One Sketch A Day" if you are more visually minded...I think it'd be a great project for an elementary school aged child.

What's that? Pictures of journals are boring? Oh okay here's one of a cute baby then. If you read the family blog you'll have already seen this one:

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Julie said...

This is brilliant! I think I will get one for both girls. So much less intimidating than a regular journal with a giant blank page!!

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