Monday, October 11, 2010

#4, Take dinner to someone who needs it

2 posts in one day! Is the world coming to an end? No...this is a short one.

Today I completed one item on the list of "50 things in 500 days" by taking a meal to a girl in my building who just had her second baby (a redhead with lots of hair! so cute).

She probably has it more together than I do (she certainly looks it) so maybe she didn't "need" dinner, but I think it's always nice to know people are looking out for you.

No pics because...well I think it would have been awkward to take a pic at her house and around here I was running around just trying to get dinner made. But the point is I got it done!

49 to go...and I hope to have #13 under "Things to Do" {Write and send Everly's thank you notes} completed once and for all, very soon.

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