Thursday, October 28, 2010

50 in 500: Get a haircut

When most of you make goals is "get a haircut" on that list? What? No. someone who always procrastinates getting a haircut (a problem made worse by the recent addition of needing to arrange for Everly to be cared for) I decided it belonged on my list of 50 things to do in 500 days.

Not long after I had Everly a door to door salesperson came by my husband's office selling a "spa package" for a pretty cheap price. Joe very sweetly bought me one. Problem is it's close to his office but not close to our house which makes it tricky for me to go. But it was sweet of him to think of so I've been trying to schedule in the 4 different treatments.

One of the treatments was a hair "refresh" which involved deep conditioning, scalp massage, a few highlights (very 3-5 foils) and such. So I added a haircut and went today. I had her go VERY natural on the highlights. I haven't colored my hair at all since our wedding--cost and time are an issue. So I wanted to take my free highlights but not go so drastic that it wouldn't grow out naturally (since I won't be maintaining them). Here's a cell phone pic...notice the VERY light highlights?

I would have taken a full picture of my face and haircut...but I've been sick all week. And I look it. Maybe this weekend at our Halloween party(ies) I can snap a photo...if I'm wearing makeup and have had time to pluck my eyebrows. That's a pretty big if.

So there you go. Second item I'm checking off my list, only 48 to go. But I'm pretty close on at least one other, that I can think of.

In other news, yesterday I made chicken and orzo soup, from scratch, using up lots of vegetables in my fridge. It wasn't on the list but it made me feel victorious. Just thought I'd share.

Are you working on goals? Do you like lists as much as I do? I'm a little obsessed... I make daily to-do lists here on a regular basis, helps me stay on task. Speaking of...putting in a few work hours needs to happen. And I'm off...
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