Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carmel Corn Pops -- I want these SO MUCH

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I do not have a picture.

Well, because, I haven't made this recipe. But if I weren't off dairy due to Everly's allergy I'd be making a batch of these pronto. They were so good. My dear friend Holly made them for my baby shower and I could have eaten the entire pan myself.

Basically this: homemade carmely corn goodness...but with corn puffs instead of popcorn so you don't have to deal with those nasty kernels in your teeth. It's soft, it's gooey, it's totally and completely delicious.

Ahhh I want some, NOW!

Since I can't have them I'm sharing the recipe with all of you. Make them. Make them this weekend. For Halloween. Eat the entire pan-ful by yourself in your basement with the lights off to avoid trick or treaters. I won't tell anyone.

Eat them for me. Because until this baby is weaned I cannot make recipes that call for a stick of butter. My thighs (and baby) will thank me, my taste buds will not. 

And this is not the type of recipe where substituting olive oil or vegetable shortening would cut it. No-sir-ee. Butter. Good old fashioned saturated fat in a stick, butter.

Yum. Make them.

This weekend. 

Then call and thank me. 

I will envy you.

What you want me to stop talking and give you the recipe already?

Oh okay.

Here it is.

Carmel Corn Pops by Holly Nesbit (whom I've never met, but thank you Holly Nesbit)
1 pound brown sugar

¼ pound butter (1 stick)

1 cup Corn Syrup

1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla.
1 1/2 large bags of corn pops (find them in the chip aisle, like puffy cheetos but no cheese; this is not the cereal corn pops, it's like a puffy cheeto butter pops...get the right thing)
Cook the first three ingredients until the mixture boils. Then add sweetened condensed milk. Bring to a boil again.  Stir while it boils for 2 – 3 minutes until the sugar dissolves and the liquid becomes “carmelly”. Remove from heat, add vanilla.  Stir. Pour over corn pops until equally distributed.  Lay pops out on wax paper until cool.  Store in gallon zip lock bags (if they last that long...). 

Oh mylanta this recipe is so easy it is killing me. If it weren't for a crabby baby when I eat dairy I would drive to the store as soon as Joe gets home and buy the ingredients, stay up until 11 making it and stay up midnight devouring every gooey bite.


Next summer, when the baby is weaned, come to my house, I will make these and we will devour them together. Then take a walk...and pretend it burned off even 10% of the calories. It'll be a lovely moment we can share together. Next year...

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Brooke said...

By the way, you might not even have to wait until the summer to be off dairy. Often babies go in and out of allergies quickly, and many grow out of their mom's soy or milk allergies at six months. So every once in awhile introduce something and see what happens. (Although my mom's babies always could tell when she had chocolate the entire time she nursed, but it's worth it to check every so often.)

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