Saturday, October 23, 2010

Everly's Christmas Present

Back in September Groupon had a deal for Shutterfly...a 20 page 8x8 photobook for $10. Nice deal. So I bought one. I'm making Everly this book...called the ABC's of You--designed by Jessica Sprague.

It'll be Everly's Christmas gift, maybe her only one--except for a few small things in her stocking. I think a 6 month old baby who has tons of clothes already, is perfectly content with her few toys, and has a growing library...doesn't really need much in the way of presents.

But it'll be good to wrap something and put it under the tree so on Christmas morning we can take a picture of me helping her open it. :) And then she'll proceed to eat the wrapping paper and ignore the book, right?

So I'm brainstorming which photos to use now...M is for Mommy....B is for Bubbles...W is for Waking Up...I'll be hard at work to get it ordered soon.

How bout you guys? Have you started buying/making your Christmas presents?

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Brooke said...

We did this last year but with Jack. It was so cute in the end- and we gave it to grandparents and they loved it! If you need ideas on certain letters- I could tell you what we used in our book, email me!

*Aliese* said...

Yes...I have a good/bad habit of trying to get Christmas and birthday shopping done ASAP. I only have to purchase a couple of gifts for my husband and then I'm finished. Incidentally, I don't have to buy a gift for my 15-yr-old sister for two years as I have collected so many things for her! They just sit, wrapped, in a Rubbermaid container waiting for a special occasion.

Teresa said...

What a cute idea! I love it :) For sure post the finished product! It was so good to see you over the weekend. Thanks so much for coming!!!

Holly Strong said...

I made a shutterfly book for Matthew's first year for Christmas (Ady got one a while back and he loves to look at it.) Unfortunately the other day he was looking at it and Ady took it from him and said, "You aren't special enough to have a book." HUH, so I had to tell him how special he was and give him his own much for Christmas. Oh well. Back o the drawing board...I hate buying Christmas gifts.

Branden & Angelique said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! How is it that you have such great ideas on things? Branden and I are going to buy our kids a table wood train set next week. They have it at Costco. But we are going to hide it at Grandma's house. Thanks for the food ideas by the way!

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