Sunday, October 31, 2010

Everly's Christmas Present...2013

When I was just a little girl...there were a few toys I really wanted that I never got (but sometimes I got exactly what I wanted...can we say Mall Madness?)

One gift was an American Girl doll...or more accurately I wanted multiple dolls and oodles of accessories and I'd spend HOURS perusing the catalog. I'm actually now convinced that the daydreaming and anticipation of owning those dolls was more than half the fun. 

Another was a dollhouse. In movies I'd see girls with dollhouses. I considered that some people bought kids and assembled and glued their own elaborate dollhouses and I'd daydream about that too. I played with friends' fisher price little people dollhouses and barbie dream houses, but I never did have a dollhouse of my own (though I did have a barbie ice cream parlor and a barbie diner...what more does a girl need?!).

So I must admit that the other night when I was up nursing Everly at some insane hour (like 4:30 in the morning...yes my almost 5 month old baby STILL needs to nurse in the middle of the night) I decided she needed a dollhouse. And I've begun brainstorming which one she "needs" (aka which one I want to play with).

Admittedly I am quite enamored with the Plan Toys Dollhouse Chalet (available on amazon...)

I will not go into all the different accessories they have...I want them...the patio set and garden, so cute!!!! 

This dollhouse would probably never be in my price range, but it is amazing. In fact so amazing that it seems like an architectural model more than a play thing for grubby fingers...but amazing nonetheless. Check it out here. You have to go browse the site...the furniture is insane!
The good news is that by the time Evs is three and old enough to get one of these as a gift there will likely be even more options on the market for modern style dollhouses...I can't wait to play with it 3 years from now...

So tell me, did you have a doll house growing up? Do you plan gifts out that you want to get your kids YEARS before they are old enough for them? I can't be the only one...

5 little remarks:

Tara said...

What REAL American Girl didn't peruse that catalog and daydream of having the Samantha doll AND the Molly doll?! God bless capitalism and all her many catalogs.

(And yes, this is nostalgia speaking, not the realistic woman who grumbles about businesses killing the rainforests when cleaning out the mailbox every week...)

Savanna said...

I STILL want American Girls dolls.

Meghan said...

I already have gifts for Ethan planned out for a few years :) I will totally get a little girl a dollhouse too if we have one! I think I had the Little people dollhouse. And of course a Barbie Dream House :)

Sarah Flib said...

I asked Santa for a dollhouse every single year in my Christmas Eve letter for about five years. I was always happy with my presents but SO sad not to see a dollhouse the next morning. Guess I should have tried mentioning it before the letter.

Emily S said...

We had a dollhouse for our strawberry shortcakes, and it was awesome. Must have been thrown away before Sarah remembers it. My kids are boys, so I plan ahead, but don't necessarily lust after their toys. And all 3 of my kids nursed in the night until they were 6 to 7 months.

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