Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just thought I'd share

My time for blogging these days is limited (though hopefully increasing over time...). And so often I read things that I wish I could write a quick post about and then I never get around to it.

Anyway, google reader (which if you don't know about and you are a blog reader you are missing out, go check it out first) has a feature which allows you to follow people's shared items. You can see (and follow) my shared items here.

Adding this was a little just go to the link I posted above then you paste the "atom feed" url into google reader (like you are adding a new blog subscription) and it will add it and give you the option to follow me.
Or you can see these items in a new widget in my right sidebar (called "Just thought I'd share).

There are so many cool blogs/RSS feeds out there and there's no way to read them all.

I like reading both my favorite blogs and seeing the highlights on other blogs as shared by my friends in google reader.

Go check it out...I mean seriously...aren't you dying to know about the "Reusable swiffer sheet tutorial" I recently shared? Or maybe you should check out the UNESCO photo essay of World Heritage sites (you'll get bit by the travel bug and want to head staight over to Orbitz to book a flight). Or check out my friend Tiffany's post about her own homemade "You Are Special" plate which I'm dying to make...

I have no time to blog about check out  my shared items...and see all the cool things I wish I had time to talk about with you all.

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