Monday, October 4, 2010

The New 104 in just 50 Things in 500 Days

The time frame on my 104 things to do in 104 weeks is almost up. I've completed quite a few...finishing them all wasn't really the point...making goals and accomplishing some of them was the point. And I did that. Sort of...I never quite got to 104 items.

Anyway, I retained a few I really wanted to do for the new list and added a few more. So here's 50 things to try to finish in 500 days (that's by February 16, 2012, calculated here). 

#11 under "Things to do" makes me laugh because we STILL have never been completely unpacked since we've been married. Right now we're really close, derailed by a colicky baby and all the stuff that came with her.

Oh and I'm totally copying my blog friend Emily again (what else is new...)...she just posted her new list (which reminded me I needed to finish editing this post...which I started on Sept 6th...ha!). Anyway, she split it into categories. Genius. Her lists is also probably better than mine...check it out.


  1. Make Christmas sugar cookies and take them to friends and neighbors  Completed 12/2011
  2. Buy a present for a child we don't know for Christmas Completed 12/6/2010
  3. Bake a treat for a neighbor for no reason at all Completed 12/6/2010
  4. Take dinner to someone who needs it  Completed 10/11/10
Places To Go
  1. Go to the SLC Farmer's Market Completed 7/9/2011
  2. Visit the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point
  3. Visit the Ogden Balloon Festival Cancelled, they aren't doing it again til 2012
  4. Walk around BYU campus in Spring...taking pictures of my favorite places
  5. Visit Castle Heights Playground at Nicholls Park in Fruit Heights
  6. Hike & Picnic at Bridal Veil falls
  7. Go to Disneyland together (probably just Joe and I, no Everly)
Things To Do
  1. Go ice skating
  2. Go tubing down the Provo River
  3. Go fly kites on a windy day
  4. Cut our own Christmas Tree (j/k probably just go GET a tree and decorate it)
  5. Visit a farm and pick our own food Completed 9/16/2011
  6. Ride a tandem bike
  7. Get family pictures taken Completed 9/26/2011
  8. Have Evs' 6 month/12 month portraits professionally done Completed 9/26/2011
  9. Throw Everly a fun little 1st birthday party Completed 6/11/2011
  10. Host a Murder Mystery dinner Completed 11/12/2010
  11. Get moved into our own semi-permanent place and get ALL our belongings unpacked Completed August 2011 (sort of)
  12. Read my camera manual
  13. Finish writing and send Everly's thank you notes Completed November 2010
  14. Get new tires for my car Completed August 2011
  15. Organize the craft closet Completed August 2011 (sort of)
  16. Teach Everly to say "mommy" Completed sometime in 2010 or 2011 "mama"

Physical Changes
  1. Run a 5K together
  2. Eat 3 servings of vegetables a day for one week
  3. Go an entire week without eating out once for a single meal or snack
  4. Lose the baby weight in 6 months Completed Nov 2010
  5. Get a haircut (haven't had one for 4 months) Completed 10/28/10
  6. Do hair &makeup every day for a week

Spiritual Changes
  1. Read Book of Mormon together as a couple
  2. Have FHE every week for a month
  3. Write in journal/notebook about spiritual things
  4. Post a gratitude post on the family blog every week for a month
  5. Re-read (or listen to) every single conference talk before the next conference

Creative Projects
  1. Finish painting and finishing grandma's hutch/kitchen table
  2. Make "real" scones Completed 4/4/2011
  3. Get the Kords to record a few children's songs
  4. Make a holiday craft
  5. Get Everly's nursery put completely together...while she's still a baby :)
  6. Finish that queen size quilt so it can go on our bed
  7. Make a frilly, girly, adorable apron
  8. Finish the quiet book
  9. Hang the temple print Completed 11/19/2010
  10. Finish re-upholstering the orange chairs
  11. Make pillows for the couch
  12. Start a printed recipe file of favorites Completed 10/29/10

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