Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not sleeping...

Lately I find myself craving me time. Veg time. Time when Everly is asleep that I'm not cramming in work hours, making dinner, doing laundry, cleaning, or some other necessity. I find myself late at night wasting away time when I should just go to bed because I need to wind down because its been go go go all day long.


So here I am writing a blog post during Everly's nap. But it'll be a brief blog post because I really do need some sleep.

Here's a few random things on my mind lately.

1. As a nursing mom who works from home and is just pressed for time (see above) and who still hasn't gotten her body into the shape she would like it in (aka my cute clothes don't fit well...or at all)...I find myself often lacking the motivation/time to get dressed. I want this cute robe so much. Comfortable and perfect for lounging. It's cute and has the added bonus of making me decent in case someone knocks on the door. So Garnet Hill...please put this on clearance, $68 is too much for me.

2. I read Mockingjay (have you?). I loved it. I know it didn't have enough romance or hope in it...and the wrapping up action at the end was too quick (come on Suzanne Collins, after so much pain and carnage can you at least give us an entire chapter of closure and happiness for our main characters we've invested in for three whole books!). But still, I give it 4.5/5 stars. I think the point she's trying to make is war is stupid and ugly and though sometimes necessary to achieve a certain end...people will die and get messed up in the process...what this review doesn't make you want to read it? Seriously though, I loved the Hunger Games, great series.

3. I love the produce bags I bought...I used them yesterday. Awesome. Simply awesome.
4. I have 2 Halloween costumes for was mistagged so though it said 3-6 months on the tag it's actually a 6-9 month size and seeing as how Everly is still transitioning from 0-3 month clothes it's WAAAAY too big. But she looks cute anyway.

But in the hand me downs I found a Broncos cheerleader costume...size 0-3. I think I'll try it on her...thing is we're not Broncos fans...heck we're not even football fans in general. Still...she'd make a cute cheerleader.

5. Last night I was up til after midnight making chicken pot pie for tonight's dinner...because that's when I had time to do it...I miss cooking, I like it, I'm good at it...but fitting it in is difficult with all the other demands on my time....I'm not complaining, I've got a good life. I'm just telling you all not to judge me for how much eating out we still do...a girl can only stay up making home cooked meals at midnight so many times...especially when her baby then wakes up to nurse at like 2:30...and like 6...and like 9...I think. I can't remember very well.

And now I need a nap. Seriously.

And this post...was random...and of limited interest to others...but like I said, I'm craving a little me time these days. Thus, random, low effort blog post.

And as I'm wrapping this up my baby just woke up...curses.

Signing off.

3 little remarks:

Teresa said...

Way cute Halloween costume. Next year we're so going to take our what 11-month old out trick-or-treating. HAHA. We totally will need the excuse to pick all the candy we can :)

Tiff @ SuperMama101 said...

I love your random posts. :)

And I got a robe from bath & body works on sale ($25?) around Christmas time a couple of years ago. It is thicker than that one looks in the picture, and it's a chenille type fabric. I've never really been a robe person, but I LOVE it.

Oh - and I got Harvey that same monkey costume! It's super cute!

Random post = random comments.

Meredith said...

Every mom feels the need for "Me" time, especially those of us who do work too, whether they go to work or work from home. Hang in there! It will eventually get better.

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