Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quiet Book Update -- When will I be finishing?

I've noticed a lot of people visit this blog who don't know me because they link over in regards to the quiet book....and then they probably quickly notice that I haven't posted about the quiet book since March (sad!!!)

Having a baby is a good excuse, but now at 4 months old she seems to be recovering from the colic and I seem to be having a little spare time in the evenings (emphasis on the little...I still work from home during my spare---aka non-baby--time).

Anyway, updates on the quiet book should be coming soon. Definitely by the time I've gotten through the holiday and maybe sooner :) I even have some partially finished pages that I've been meaning to wrap up and blog about.

Coming check back or subscribe via google reader and watch for it. I'm motivated to finish because I want to give the book to Everly for her first birthday in June and I have a lot pages to finish before then.

Love you all
 -- Anna

p.s. and a picture because I don't like picture-less posts

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