Friday, November 19, 2010

50 in 500: Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner

So maybe my original goal (on the list of 50 things to do in 500 days) was "host a murder mystery dinner" but I'm calling this one "done" because my lovely friend Nikki invited us to one and it was such fun. And that was the point, fun. Hosting parties stresses me out so I'm all about fudging on this one a bit and crossing it off.

Have you ever been to a murder mystery party? For those who haven't, here's the concept--you can buy a murder mystery game (or borrow, which is better because it's kind of a one time use sort of thing). The game has different booklets for each character. You invite your friends who come dressed as the characters and then you take turns reading aloud from your pamphlet--some sections are to be read aloud and some are just information you must keep to yourself. Then you ask questions, accuse each other and try to figure out who the murderer is. It's really very fun.

I mean, for example, which of these guys would you peg as the murder? I mean Steve sure can give a dirty look...but Paul...well...can you ever really trust a man in a walmart clearance Donald Trump wig?

Thanks to Nikki and Bryan for hosting and for thinking to invite us. We had a great time.

A few final pics.

I think Brian and Heidi win for best costume. So awesome. Wish I was this awesome :)

And I love this picture of Nikki and Bryan...don't they look great? And you can always count on Bryan for good facial expressions.

Steve and Diane...two of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Nothing about Diane says "murderer"...she's just too nice.
And finally a picture of my dear husband. Did you know I'm married to a doctor? What do you think...did he poison the victim?

And you may notice there are no pictures of me...though I left the house feeling confident in my attire I hated all the pics I took...sigh. Such is life. Maybe Nikki got one I look decent in, if so I'll still it from her blog and add it here later.

2 little remarks:

Tiff @ SuperMama101 said...

I'm so glad you got to experience the fun (without the stress of planning!)

I love murder mystery dinners. In fact, we did the same one last year! :)

Teresa said...

Looks so fun! I LOVE murder mystery dinners! We were just wishing we had done one for Halloween. Oh well, next year...
For years I've wanted to go on the Heber Creeper murder mystery dinner, but that thing is so dang expensive.

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