Friday, November 12, 2010

50 in 500: Finish Thank You Notes

I feel a little bit victorious today. I finally finished the last thank you note on my list for Everly's baby gifts and these final few will be delivered shortly.

I will not complain, we were so very blessed by those who love us. We got such beautiful and fun little things for Everly--and though she is a first child she is living on lots of hand-me-downs so those little new items really freshen things up.

I think I have an increased appreciation for the sentimentality of things given at a special time in your life. When our moving van was recovered after it had been stolen, most everything was gone or damaged (After stealing what they wanted, they dumped the van in a river. Thanks awesome thieves for managing to ruin our irreplaceable journals and scrapbooks). But among the rubble we found a few wedding gifts. Why they didn't want the beautiful cake plate my neighbor Larraine gave us I'm not sure, but I am so grateful to have it. We've managed to fill our house now and we are not wanting for household items, but those few items that were true wedding gits are extra special to me because they are so few.

And so I treasure the baby gifts. They are just little packages of love to us at this special time in our lives.

So I've been drafting thank yous for months now...a few here, a few there. Trying to get a handwritten thank you for at least most of the gifts we've been given. I know I always appreciate a handwritten thank you, its nice to be appreciated and its double nice to receive something in the mail other than bills & junk mail.

So Thank You friends and family, I hope you loved your little piece of real mail and if you perchance didn't get one, thank you, thank you so much!

{Side note: how beautiful are these stamps! I was sad to see the last one go.}

Finishing the thank you notes, you may recall, was one of the 50 Things I wanted to complete in 500 days. See the full list, here.
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