Monday, November 29, 2010

50 in 500: Lose the baby weight in 6 months

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Well this is a big one folks. Losing the baby weight. Some women never do. Some lose it easily. Some battle for months (or years). I had such visions...of exercising...walks/jogging on the parkway near my house or going to the gym in our apartment clubhouse, cooking veggie filled homecooked meals now that I wasn't working. My colicky baby altered those plans in a major way, basically obliterated them. Such is life.

So I haven't really exercised (a few leisurely walks were becoming more routine and then the weather turned...sad.). I haven't dieted really because I'm breastfeeding and "dieting" isn't really the best idea. I have been trying to eat out less and as always trying to cook as healthy as I can when I get the time.

I was lucky. 20 of the 35 lbs I gained in pregnancy came off in like 2 weeks. I think it was mostly water weight because I was super puffy. Well water weight and a baby :)

The rest I have lost over time. I'm now hovering at my pre-pregnancy weight (more or less...depending on when I weigh myself and how much I'm wearing and such...). So I'm calling it good. Everly turns 6 months in a little less than 2 weeks. So having lost all but 1 or 2 pounds, I'm calling that a victory.

Now I just have to lose about 10 more pounds to be where I was when we got married.
And about 25 pounds more to be where I was when we met (which was the happiest I'd been with my body in a long LONG time).

Weight loss. It's a battle my friends. I know I'm not alone.

For now I'm relishing this little victory. If I could be back to my wedding weight in another 6 months that would bring a smile to my face. If I could be back to the weight I was when we the 5 year mark from when we went on our first date (6/3). That would be unbelievable. Here's hoping :)

{To see the full list of 50 goals I'm trying to complete, go here.This makes 7/50 completed, hallelujah :) }

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Holly Strong said...

Way to go Anna!!! I totally call that a victory and to do it with pretty little effort. Here's hoping the holidays aren't rough on you and you can start the year off right. I love seeing your goals and keep telling myself I need to do some. One day I will and I will post it on my blog too for motivation. Maybe after the baby...

Brooke said...

Way to go Anna!

Teresa said...

Holy cow Anna! Losing all this weight in 6 months seems so out of reach right now. This is awesome!!!

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