Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What We're Doing for Christmas Cards This Year

Truth be told, last year I never did send out ALL of the holiday cards. I got most of them sent but a few stragglers lacked addresses or I didn't get around to writing a personal message or something...not sent. But some sent out is better than none.

I love the tradition of sending out holiday cards. I think it's nice to gather the cards from friends and family as they come in and hang them on your fridge/mantel/wherever. I even like those cheesy family Christmas letters that explain what everyone has been up to.

This year we'll be using Shutterfly for our Christmas cards since they're doing a very cool promotion for bloggers where you can get 50 free cards (check it out if you are interested)

You may recall that we used Shutterfly for Everly's baby announcements and they turned out great. Nice heavy cardstock. They were lovely. So I'm naturally very excited to have cards from them again. This year I plan on using one of their story cards to incorporate more of a family letter (last year I just did a quick photo postcard and wrote a personal message).

Here are some of my favorite photo greeting cards from Shutterfly.

I'm a fan of top 10 lists so I'm rather drawn to this one:

I'd do this one, except Everly wasn't born until June...and seriously I'd want her smiling face on every single photo spot:

Or there's this one

And I like the idea of a New Year's Card because it gives me more time to get them sent out :)

And I'm still a sucker for the aqua red combo so I'm drawn to this one:

This one isn't a story card but I love the black and white photo with the colorful writing:

Anyway, I love Christmas cards. Getting them and sending them. With all this electronic writing on walls, blogging, sending quick's just nice to get something concrete in the mail once a year. I'm excited to continue the tradition this year...even if I probably won't have time to write lengthy notes to each friend/family member like I'd like.

{Just a reminder: Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, follow the arrow à  and check it out}

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*Aliese* said...

I the first one. I was contemplating the family letter this year because I think I don't have time to do what I usually do, but at the same time, don't just wanna send a card with our names signed. I may have to steal that one. :)

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