Tuesday, December 7, 2010

50 in 500: Bake a treat for a neighbor for no reason at all

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So often at our house when bananas get past their prime I tell Joe I'm going to make chocolate chip banana bread. More often than not it doesn't happen and then I throw the bananas away with a twinge of guilt. But yesterday I did it!! {Recipe here, if you are interested} I was going to take that lovely chocolate chip banana bread to a friend who just had a baby, but then the baby had to go into the NICU and our visit was postponed.

So I wrapped up that lovely banana bread real quick, while it was still warm, snapped this photo, and sent Joe to deliver it to a couple that lives near us.

And just like that I crossed one more item off my list of 50 in 500. Now 8/50 completed. :)

Have you taken baked goods to a neighbor lately? It's always such a delightful surprise to have someone just bring by something they baked. I really need to share our dessert leftovers more often (and maybe those numbers on the scale would inch lower and lower too). Just not when I make brownies...I find it so hard to part with brownies...even to share with Joe.

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