Sunday, December 26, 2010

Challenge: Write a Handwritten Letter

Last week on Sunday I taught a lesson at church about keeping the Sabbath day holy. As a practicing Latter-day Saint who believes in honoring one day in seven a little differently teaching this lesson really got me thinking about how I spend my Sundays. While there are a lot of changes I now feel motivated to make, one that came to mind was writing handwritten letters.

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You know putting pen to paper.
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So I have big plans to re-enter the world of letter writers.

Over the years my grandmother would periodically send me a card, for no reason. Just a card telling me what she's been up to or how things run there. She lived thousands of miles away but those cards always made me feel like I knew a little better what was going on in her life. I knew that as always grandpa was golfing a lot, northern Michigan was getting plenty of snow, and grandma was dreaming of a little vacation somewhere lovely. I loved those letters.

When I was a child I had pen pals. Do you remember pen pals?! I had one who was a girl who lived across the country (a Christian magazine we read in our home linked up children who wanted pen pals, so that's how we found eachother). I wrote on my Lisa Frank stationery, decorated envelopes with crayola markers and stickers, and dropped those letters in the mail, eagerly awaiting the reply. It was magical. I loved those letters!

As a teenager I became pen pals with a girl I met at girls camp. Katie Snarr. She lived in Murray, not far from me, but we never got together, we just wrote letters. We encouraged each other, shared photos, and talked about our lives. Getting one of those letters was a little packet of joy in the mail.

In college I had a bunch of friends go on missions for our church (and my brother too). Email was just emerging and most of them couldn't email. So we sent letters. I had a whole shoebox full of letters from those men and women. I wrote them encouraging letters and told them about college and they wrote and told me about exotic Cambodia, Canada, Spain, Florida and Arizona. It was such fun to stay in touch and I know missionaries loved those letters.

Letters are the best. This post makes me miss them. Is it making you miss them?

Now I don't wish to be all doom and gloom about email, facebook, and blogs. I use those mediums every day to stay in touch. But somewhere I fell out of the practice of keeping letters in the mix.

And since there is nothing like a letter, I'm adding it back in.

Because getting a letter is the best. Especially when it's not for a holiday or your birthday or anything else...a letter written just because.

So I've made a new resolution to write letters. I'd like to write them once a week, on Sunday. Sunday seems like a great day to drop a friend a line. I may not write one every single week but I will write one at least once a month.

Just a little letter. To say hello.

If you are lucky you may be the recipient of one. In fact...if you sent me a letter first you are almost guaranteed a letter in response. On pretty stationery (though probably lacking the crayola markers & stickers of my youth :).

I think you should start writing letters too. To your mom, to your grandma, to your long lost college roomies. Whoever. Just write one. Today. It'll make their day. And I promise you'll feel gleeful dropping it in the mailbox. It'll be just like old times. Sigh. I'm so excited.

2 little remarks:

Becky Knowles said...

Love this. I would love to be pen pals. But, I think we should hang out too...since I live in Utah again now. But, I'm sure the Army will be moving us again someday. Maybe I can be your Army friend pen pal. :)

Greg and Nancy said...

I loved having pen pals. My dad used to have a ton, as far-flung as England and South Africa. I would absolutely send you a real letter...except I don't have your address.

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