Monday, December 13, 2010

Felt Wallet

I've decided that Sunday nights are a good time for crafting. I don't have to feel guilty about not putting in hours for my job and it's very relaxing. So last night I made this little felt wallet.

My good friend Helena is making a purse for her 1 year old daughter. Esme, like many little children, likes to grab mom's purse and dump everything out. So Helena's making her a little purse of her own...time will tell if this is distracting enough to keep her from mom's bag.
I didn't do a tutorial, but it's really very simple. A big rectangle pocked basically. I added a button and a little flap to secure it closed.
And I added her name, because it was only 4 letters and Esme is likely doomed to a life where pencils and magnets at souvenir shops never have her name (Everly's in the same boat!) So the more little things with her name on it, the better. Plus it added some color.

See here's the main pocket, I put in a REAL dollar. Don't spend it all in one place Esme!
Then on the other side (the inside of the wallet when it's folded) are 2 pockets.

The one without a button is for cards. I saved a cardboard amex I got in a credit card offer in the mail and a red 'netflix' card that also came in some junk mail. They are the right size and hopefully will fake her out. She can pull them in and out and chew on them or whatever, no harm done.

The second pocket, with a button, is for coins. I figure Helena can clean a few dimes and pennies and drop them in.

It was a total delight to make something. And a project that could be completed in one evening too! I hope little Esme loves it.

Next Sunday I'm making 2 copies of my quiet book page "C is for Counting", one for the friend who designed my blog for me and one for Heather who won the quiet book giveaway (yes I'm lame and still haven't finished it for her! I know...I KNOW). 

Anyway I better get to work for my part time job during the rest of Everly's nap. Have a great week everyone!

3 little remarks:

Helena said...

I love it!!! I was going to ask if it had a coin section since we have these weird korean coins that are huge and not a choking hazard. Thanks!!! It's even out of felt, my favorite!

emily said...

I love love LOVE it! Also, loving all the progress on your 50 in 500! Way to go!

Lesley said...

what a darling craft! And thank you SO much for the tip about the baker's twine. Wooohoo!

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