Monday, December 20, 2010

I want a fancy camera bag for Christmas...

The other day I was found singing this to the tune of "I want a hippopatomus for Christmas"

Only a fancy camera bag will do...

In all actuality I don't mean this Christmas. I still lug around a diaper bag so a fancy camera bag seems rather pointless at this point. But someday I want one. Probably in a year or two.

There are a few options out there. But since I can't imagine spending $150-200 on a bag (ANY bag) I think I've narrowed it down to the Jo Totes bags.

I like this one (Missy):

And if I was daring I get something that wasn't neutral like this one (Rose in teal):

But do to my boring non daring fashion nature (and unwillingness to invest in any piece that won't go with nearly any outfit) I'll probably end up getting something in black.
So so far I like the Jo Totes (the perfect mix of cuteness, a little splurge, and yet still affordably priced).

Do any of you have a fancy camera bag to recommend? I have a long while before I'll be buying one so I'm open to suggestions (Ali--in particular can you remind me which one you have?)

2 little remarks:

emily said...

I've TOTALLY been loving these Jo totes too. I've entered every giveaway I've seen for them (with no luck). I don't really NEED one right now, but man, they are beautiful. When I do need one, this is the direction I'm going, I think. LOVE.

Stephanie said...

Go for the blue. You can totally pull it off.

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