Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Saving Money: and

Lately I've become a big fan of two websites for getting great deals on gift certificates for local restaurants or other business. I thought I'd share. Full disclosure--I do get credits on my account for referring new people. But at the same time if I didn't love them I wouldn't refer you, so it's not completely selfish...


Groupon is a cool website. They have one deal (or more) every weekday and then usually one that seems to last for the full weekend. The groupon is a coupon/gift certificate where you pay less than the full value. But you have to seize the day because they are only available for a limited time. There have been a lot of cool groupons, examples of ones I've bough over the last several months:

  • $10 groupon (cost $5) to Les Madeleines where I tried that awesome croissant
  • $8 groupon (cost $3) to Top It, a local fro-yo shop
  • $50 groupon (cost $25) to the Gap 
  • $50 groupon (cost $25) to the Nordstrom Rack
Furthermore, if you have a Discover card and you link to the groupon website through Shop Discover, you currently get 20% cashback on all your purchases through groupon. So that would mean a deal like the $50 groupon to the gap really would only cost you $20. Amazing!

Warning--sites like groupon really appeal to the impulse buy. You can end up spending a lot more money on things you don't need. But if you play your cards right you can also find great deals on things you do need/are planning on purchasing anyway. Like I have been wanting a new pair of jeans so that Nordstrom Rack deal will come in handy. Anyway check them out here.

City Deals

City Deals works a little differently. It's more based on planning purchases to restaurants/hotels/etc and less impulse buy-ish. However, they have a limited number for each so they can sell out (unlike groupon which doesn't limit the number available just the time frame). This past Cyber Monday they had some seriously killer deals (like a $70 gift certificate to a very fancy local steakhouse for $29). 

You can also find coupon codes online sometimes to take the percentage down even more (I saved an additional $8 after finding a coupon code when I googled "citydeals coupon code". Winner.

Recent purchases at City Deals (only really helpful for those of you living in the SL area):
  • The steakhouse one mentioned above, which Joe and I will use for a really nice date night
  • Jason's Deli -- $25 gift cert. (cost $15)
  • Thai Basil (a local Asian Fusion place we recently tried out and loved) -- $20 gift cert. (cost $10)
  • Q4U BBQ (which Joe & mom both say is amazing) -- $20 gift cert (cost $10)
  • Platinum Car Wash (for Joe for Christmas, includes like vacuuming and such) $30 value (cost $15)
Other great companies I can definitely recommend that are on there (but haven't personally bought yet)
  • Smart Cookie
  • Pizza Factory
  • Clark Planetarium
  • This is the Place Heritage Park
  • And seriously, lots and lots of others

Anyway, those are two resources I've really loved. There are lots of sites out there like this. And since Joe and I really like to go out to eat (especially for dates) it's great to find a way to do that for cheaper. There are a lot of sites out there that do things like this ( is another that comes to mind, but they are often sold out of the restaurants that interest me and they require you spend a certain amount to use the gift certificates, but it can still be a good deal.).

Anyway, long wordy post with no pics. But that's my recommendation for you. 

Saving money, it's a good thing :)

Have sites you want to recommend? I'd love to hear about them. Now I"m hooked and want all date nights to be cheap cheap cheap but still awesome...share away.

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Tiff @ SuperMama101 said...

I love groupon! I got a $60 gift card to blurb for only 20 bucks! (I actually bought 2.. )

Anyway, I changed my blog over to the new "blogger templates" and the tabs are just part of it. Super easy. :)

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