Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bath Toys & Baby's First "Big Girl" Bath

Today some bath toys I ordered came in the mail. I had a gift certificate for CSN stores so I bought them there. We don't buy tons of baby gear around here (we've been blessed with lots of hand-me-downs and baby gifts since she's our first). So when I get to pick out baby gear it's really fun for me.

And transitioning to the regular bath is also very exciting, because bathing her in the sink has definitely gotten to the awkward stage. However, she's still not ready to sit up alone in the tub so today I bathed with her (thus no pics of baby's first big girl bath...) and I think she's going to love bath time now that more toys are involved.

Here's what we got for her, some are age-appropriate now and some will be more fun as she gets older.

Skip Hop Dunck Stacking Set:

Aren't they cute? And they have the dual purpose of being functional for helping wash all the bubbles off at the end of bath time (is it wrong that I love watching Evs sputter a bit as we wash soap off her head, it's too cute).

I love this set of toys by Boon (who also made the bottle drying rack we love so much). The foam toys are durable (I can attest that they withstand toothless gumming very well) and they magically stick to the side of the bath which I think is awesome. So fun.

Were you wondering what the bottle drying rack looks like...can't remember if I've posted it. Look how cute (and super functional):

We also got Everly this water bugs toy (also by Boon, they make good stuff). You use the net to gather up the little bugs...Evs definitely isn't coordinated enough for this yet but I bet she'll love it someday.
And we got this cubby which suctions to the side of the tub to store all her toys in, dedicated storage makes mommy happy.
Anyway dedicated "bath toys" certainly aren't necessary--babies are happy with regular household items to dunk and play with the water. But that doesn't mean special bath toys can't be fun. I'm really glad I had a gift certificate so I could splurge and get Evs a few.

I'm having so much fun as she is getting older and able to do more stuff. Like take baths in the big girl tub and play with toys. I'm hoping we can make it part of her regular bedtime routine...help that girl wind down at the end of the day (heaven knows she knows how to wind herself up....jump jump jump in the jumper...blabber blabber talk talk...kick kick kick). Maybe eventually she'll learn how to calm herself down and go to sleep without needing to be swaddled :)

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Ali said...

Looks like fun:) You're right though, they don't need a lot of bath toys. Evan's favorite "toy" in the bath is an tiny empty shampoo bottle with no lid.

Oh, and it's true-don't they get a whole lot more fun as they can DO stuff? I agree.

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