Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cloth Diapering: A Report from a more seasoned mom

So last time I did a cloth diapering update Everly was quite young. Things have changed a bit. I'm using them much more now--things are easier than they were with a colicky newborn who lacked a schedule. And I have more diapers now that she's in size mediums, so that makes it easier too.

For those who care to know here's a quick rundown of things I've learned/tips/trick/etc...
  • We still have Everly wear paper diapers at night (size 2 now!!) and occasionally at other times (like when we know she's going to go #2...which is often predictable since we have to make her go...I'll spare you the details) I just think it's simpler to let them go the whole night in paper, especially since I don't like to unswaddle Everly for a change at her middle of the night feeding(s)...
  • I can pretty much use cloth diapers full time (except nights) 6 days a week before needing to do laundry--if I'm smart about it I could get the whole load washed,dried, and restuffed in a single day...then I could avoid using any paper diapers except at night. I'll be honest...that doesn't happen, yet.
  • She's on solids now and it's not much worse even when she does go #2 in a cloth diaper--the washer does most of the work (read about that process, here)
  • A metal bin from Ikea (this one), stored in the bathroom, contains odors fairly well (the lid is crucial). I can wipe it out with a Lysol wipe from time to time too.

  • Some argue that you don't save much with cloth because you still have to pay for soap and more laundry -- I have not noticed an uptick in our water bill, frankly. We only do one load a week and it's not a super sized load so think this argument is bogus.
  • This cleaner, called BioKleen Bac-Out, is brilliant for getting out any lingering smells in diaper laundry. The cleaner itself has lime extracts in it and smells fabulous (and it's effective). I want to wash all my laundry in it so they'll smell lime-y.

  • Air drying is a good way to go with diapers...but the dryer works too.

Overall, I love cloth diapering. 
I love using fewer paper diapers (for cost & environmental reasons). 
I love that the diaper gives her some extra padding on her skinny little bum. 
They are soft and we have no issues with diaper rash. 
And they're pretty darn cute too.

FYI--for newer readers. I use fitted all in one (AIO) pocket diapers. There are a lot of options out there so if you're interested in cloth diapering you'll want to do some research. The cost varies wildly. 

I saved a lot of money sewing mine (but it was an intense project). The cost for materials was about $5 per diaper + we bought the inserts. 

If you are looking for a similar style check out FuzziBunz or Bum Genius. Wondering how you can get cloth diapers for cheaper than $16 or $17 a piece? Try a site like Zulily...they had FuzziBunz the other day for $11.99 a piece (plus shipping). So if you're thinking of investing it's worth joining a few mailing lists and waiting for a good deal.

I know some of you were/are skeptical of cloth diapering...but I really have loved it. Every mom can't do everything. For a lot of mom's cloth diapering just seems like one more thing they can't handle. For me, it's the perfectly clean house that goes by the wayside...and I'm okay with that :)

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