Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Commitment phobic...

I can't be the only one who feels this way--I am totally commitment phobic when it comes to rugs. My living room is all brown and black except for a few accessories (and eventually there will be those two green chairs when I finish reupholstering them...). So I've been thinking a rug would really help add some color and patter. Plus those designers on HGTV are always saying how a rug "grounds" the room or "defines the space" so that would probably be a good thing too.

I'm not ready to commit yet (or take the plunge budget wise) but I definitely like modern rugs.

I'm really drawn to graphic ones like these:

I'm kind of scared of stripes, but I kind of love them too..

And this one is gorgeous, but I can't imagine spending $2k on a rug so I can cross it off the list:

So here's the thing...I can find rugs I like but I can't ever see myself pulling the trigger. It just seems like a rug is so much harder to change than couch pillows or duvet covers. So even when we have money to buy a rug I'm not sure how I'll do it.

Do you experience this type of design paralysis?

Oh and in case you are wondering, all three of these rugs come from CSN's website All Modern.

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Kaela said...

I love rugs!!! And I love these ones:) My mother in law bought me my first rug, and now no room seems complete without one. It just takes a room to the next level. My first rug she just said 'was so me' she had to get it for me. I was like, 'really? so that is me? I did like it a lot- mainly that it was a very high quality and nice neutral rug. I am drawn to graphic ones too (surprise, right? ha!) I love the striped one, but I would probably go for the first one as it matches my stuff better. My favorite place to get rugs is TJMaxx. They have pretty nice ones for good prices:) I have fallen in love with many a rug online but don't know if I can make the commitment without seeing it in person or knowing how I would return it if it didn't work out. Hope that helps! Happy rug shopping:)

emily said...

I TOTALLY do. You can switch pillow covers or even wall art pretty easily, but a rug? That's a BIG commitment. And an expensive commitment.

I've been having similar paralysis thinking about a future couch purchase. And permanent kitchen table and chairs. Oy.

Holly Strong said...

You've seen my needs rugs, but doesn't have them. You should check out my friends blog...she just painted her cheapo rug...cute!!!!

Jasmin said...

You could always take a picture of your living room and photoshop one in to see what it looks like :)

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