Friday, January 7, 2011

Good thing my husband's handy...

Joe is pretty handy. He does all the picture hanging, shelf hanging, can fix the brakes on his car...etc...

And in case you can't tell I'm a DIY-er. Growing up, in the days before I knew about HGTV, I used to love watching this show on PBS called "Home Time" where they built custom homes. And I watched things like Old Yankee Workshop with my dad (my dad just finished his basement and did most of the work himself). And my mom is a seamstress, so that's where I get the sewing gene from.

Combine all these predispositions and talents and I think you can understand why we're going to be making Everly her own play kitchen. I was totally inspired by the play kitchens (complete with detailed instructions) found at this website.

I loved this version of the kitchen featured over on the Crafting Chicks Blog (complete with tutorial on how to make the ruffled curtain). Can you believe she made this kitchen for $127.20????!! Me either.

And I wish I had the skills to make one that looks as good as this version. Seriously click over and look at all the pictures (and the SINK...the sink is amazing...and that fridge is too cute).

Anyway, so we may be planning ahead but I think we'll start by making Evs the stove and oven piece for Christmas next year. And with Joe, my dad, Joe's dad, my mom, and I...we can easily pull it off.

And then maybe we can add the other pieces for her 2nd birthday and 3rd Christmas...hopefully by then we'll have a little more space to accommodate them.

Do you feel inspired? If you aren't already handy does this post make you want to be?

I wish I could start on the kitchen tomorrow, but instead I have plans to work out, make chicken black bean enchiladas, work 4 hours, take care of and play with my baby, and watch a redbox DVD. Happy Friday to me.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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emily said...

WOW. Those are gorgeous. I hope you guys DO make her one so that I can copy all your instructions and hints. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

p.s. Way to go on working out, enchiladas, etc!

p.p.s. I miss you friend!

*Aliese* said...

WAY cute kitchens! I have visions of making my kiddos a kitchen as well (I've even already purchased the mini stainless steel play cookware).

Cat said...

HI! Just had to comment because I noticed you linked to my blog from my site meter! Thank you for the shout out and sweet words! Your blog is TOO CUTE! Love it! I'm only been on it a few minutes, but can already tell you and I have quite a bit in common. I have a family blog, too. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself! xo, cat (
PS...if you have any questions once you get started on the kitchen, we'll be glad to help!

Cat said...

Random question....what font is on the sides of your blog? (the one going up and down your blog sides that reads "a million...." Love it! Just curious! I'm in the process of having my blog redesigned and love the look of it. Thanks! cat (

acutely cherished said...

I love reading blogs and blog posts like this, makes me feel empowered! Although, I have yet to make anything! haha!

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