Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quiet Book Progress: B is for Braiding

I have been making a big effort to work on quiet book pages lately. Forgive the taken at night photo quality...

I love that felt is so cheap. And the possibilities are endless. Today I was lucky to pretty much complete one page start to finish...and I've also recently gotten some progress done on some shapes for copies of the F is for Family page and S is for Shapes page that I'm making for others.

I knew going in that I wanted this page to be a head with hair to braid. I couldn't find peach colored felt that looked like a skin tone but this oatmeal color works nicely.
I didn't take step by step pictures, but I did take one in the early stages (above).

Here are the steps:
1. Cut out face out of felt

2. Cut out the strands of hair (they are, as you can see, strands that go all the way from L to R like a rainbow...there are not separate left and right strands). I have 15 here, but the number you'll want will depend probably on the thickness of your yarn.

3. Stitch the head to the background (I did this by hand because I find it therapeutic, but you could do it on a machine pretty quickly).
4. Stitch on the hair at the center part, you can't see well here but I just stitched over and over again, small stitches over a few strands at a time. tightly to hold the hair on.

5. Stitch in the same manner where the hair would meet the ears (though there are no ears here :) ) So this stitching will be hidden later by the bows. This will keep the strands from running wild all over the page.

6. Make a dress. I freehanded mine and then tacked it on using some embroidery thread. You could also appliqué it like I did on the tree (see here). Also embroider on stick hands and feet.
7. Glue on the eyes, embroider on the mouth.

8. Make the bows, these were so easy and gave a cute finishing touch. They are rectangles pinched together in the middle and then sewn to stay that way and tacked on.

9. Pat yourself on the back and let your little one braid and un-braid to their heart's content. (Ali--I think Evan needs one of these :) )

Anyway let me know if you have questions.

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