Friday, January 28, 2011

A taste of real unfinished nursery tour

Some people claim blogs aren't "real" enough...that people don't showcase the mundane or bad parts of their life. Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with that--I think most of us are just posting about the joyful or good parts of our lives. But in reality we all have frustrating days, weeks, months, even years.

The past 8 months since Everly arrived have in so many ways been the best of my life. But they have not been free of frustration. While I wish that I'd been able to get Everly's room totally ready before she came...I didn't. I was working and had some other complications that made it difficult to get things done.

So May 30th (a week and a half before her arrival) her room looked like this:

I think the dresser wasn't done being her clothes were stuffed in that cubby.
The boxes are stacked, as you can see, and stretched far to the left in that room...
We had no crib (the pack n' play was in our room) and certainly no finished bumper pads
We had the essentials in place to take care of her (you don't really need much) but really we weren't as ready as I'd like to have been...

Well 8 months later and things aren't perfect but they are better. There are only a couple boxes sitting under the desk left to unpack (I could shove them in the storage unit on the balcony, but that's not how I roll.)

Now her room looks like this.

The clothes are in here (baby book on top with a pen for me to fill out here and there...paper diapers, wipes, and miscellaneous items rest there too). We actually have to repaint it in the spring....the polyurethane caused it to yellow...awesome:
And here's her changing table...with baskets for cloth diapers, blankets, burp cloths, and clothes that need to be folded:
In one corner is our desk...which we thought could share a room with Evs, but we never use it because often when we would is when she's napping. Tomorrow it moves to our room, but I wanted to remember that this is how it was:
(Below the desk are the few things that still need a place -- or to be sent to the thrift store)

In another corner the cubby (seen in the pic from May) is now on it's side storing toys and other miscellaneous baby items. I have plans to add fabric flaps to hide the clutter...but haven't gotten to that yet:
Above her crib we have some photos framed from her newborn shoot---I don't have a good shot of the 3, but here's one single shot:
And here's Evs plain white crib with white crib sheet and no bumper pads. The lack of bumper pads is probably okay since there's some controversy about their safety (especially in young babies). I'll be finishing them up soon and they'll add some color.
And in the middle of the room is a big empty space that makes me happy--clean empty space. Wish I had a pic of it.

So there you half finished nursery. I know it doesn't matter to Evs, it only matters to me. Looking back we've made lot of progress and that makes me feel a lot better about it not being where I'd like. Someday it will be....maybe in 8 more months :)

2 little remarks:

Haws Family said...

I love it. I am super proud of you for continuing to make progress. 5 kids later, our nursery still isn't "put together." You are awesome!!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

I'm SO glad I'm not the only one with a half finished nursery!!

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