Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quiet Book Update: Exciting News

So I have a new tutorial coming soon (and by soon I mean probably in a week). Yesterday I worked on "A is for Ark" which was delightfully simple and so cute. Here's a cell phone pic of the half completed page:

The really exciting part is that by finishing A is for Ark I will have (almost) finished pages A, B, C, D, E,  and F! There are some finishing touches remaining, but mostly they are done. 6 consecutive pages means I can put on the finishing touches, bind it, and give it to Everly for her 1st birthday--in June. So I will definitely meet that deadline.

Can we all rejoice together???

I've also been making progress on some pages I'm making for others--I have lots of the components done, just need to get some more background pages sewn, I'm running out.

So, for those of you just starting, do all your background pages up front, you'll be grateful to have that step done. Trust me.

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