Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bookmarks: A Technology Post

Lets talk bookmarks.

Not the pretty ones you use in a book you are reading.

But the type that help you keep track of things on the web.

I can't tell you how sick I am of emailing myself links for recipes, or searching my google reader for that one awesome post about ____, or trying to google to find a tutorial I spotted ages ago.

Sheesh. Tracking online content is a doozy. And I fully admit I don't do it very well.

But fear no more--to the rescue comes Pinterest. A new website where you can "pin" pictures/links from all over the web to keep track of things. Like a virtual cork board where you "tear" ideas from the web and pin them up.

Better yet-- you can follow other people's pins. See what they've found that is special, repin something they've pinned, etc..

It's genius.

Wondering how you "pin" something and if this is too technologically advanced for you? Don't worry, it's easy and anyone can do it. You add a little bookmark to the taskbar and click it anytime you find something you want to pin (below in this image you can see on my browser there is a little link called "Pin It", so anytime I'm on a page where I wan to pin something I click that). Simple.

I haven't pinned much yet but if you want to follow me you can find my profile here. Yes my profile pic is currently a picture of Evs...I need to get a decent picture taken of myself sometime....

Anyway, if you sign up leave me a comment and I'll love to follow your finds as well. So fun!

Hat tip to Dandee and Stephanie who both blogged about it recently and as a result I was convinced to give it a try.

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