Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crib Skirt Central

I've been on the hunt for a crib skirt for a while now. Do you know they don't sell crib skirts at Target (what??!)? Couldn't find one at TJ Maxx either or on Babies R Us online (seriously???). Sigh.

I was planning on just buckling down and using this no-sew tutorial to make my own. But I'm short on time and long on I didn't get around to it.

Which ends up being a good thing because this week while out and about I stopped at Downeast Outfitters (a local store that sells their own line as well as clearanced goods from some name brand lines). I thought I'd just check to see if the had a crib skirt.

Wallah! $59 Pottery Barn Crib skirt marked down twice to $15. White with just a light blue stripe that coordinates perfectly with her bumpers.

Yes please.
(Sidenote: I'd like to live in the dreamland where $59 crib skirts are even a remote possibility. Lets talk about sticker shock...$59 just for the skirt??)

I covet this rug too. Ah priorities. Bah! And while we're coveting lets talk about how I envy the dark brown wood baby furniture (though I prefer the lines in this BabyMod collection).

Wondering why I have a crib skirt with blue trim when i have a little girl? Because that's how I roll you guys. Her overall nursery is really gender neutral and doesn't read boyish (in my opinion). I actually just fell in love with the bumper fabric which happened to be lacking in pink/purple. I figure that with baby #2 I'll be way ahead of the game, regardless of the gender, so it's a good thing.

Full tour of my budget nursery coming soon. I have a sewing date with my mom on Saturday to finish some details and I've been working on clearing out the final bits of remaining clutter (i.e. unpacked lingering boxes...). I think it's looking pretty good for the small amount spent (hello hand-me-down furniture and home-made crib bedding!)

I said I wouldn't blog until she sleeps through the night but apparently I can't stay away. Good thing she's a cutie. Here's a pic of her with the bumper pads (in case you forgot how cute either one was :) )

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Sarah Flib said...

Weird that Target didn't have crib skirts. That's where I got Madeline's. Looks like you got a great find, though!

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