Monday, March 21, 2011

DIY Budget Nursery Tour Part 1: Cubbie Corner

After our moving van got stolen we were gifted a lot of items by friends and family. It was all a bit hodgepodge, but so helpful. Over time some stuff has been replaced and others have been more integrated.

This little cubby was one of those gifted items (and one we've not replaced, love it!). Where it came from I don't know, but it has great storage.

But I like a cleaner look. So we've de-cluttered--given away, donated to charity, found a home for things, and her room is looking much better. Most of the stuff that was in the cubby when the above photo was takenis now in the dresser or in the storage unit (clothes that are too big/small).

There are still some items I want to store in the cubby but I don't want to look at them all the time. Cluttery=anxiety.

I looked high and low for baskets to hide the clutter, but the cubbies are an odd shape (a little shallower than the EXPEDIT bookshelf cubbies at IKEA so most of their baskets were too deep). Finally I decided to sew some fabric flaps in fabric that coordinates with her bumpers.
I can still access everything easily, but I can drop the flaps and not look at it!

It was super inexpensive ($15 ish I would guess--for fabric & velcro). And cute!

Want to replicate this yourself:

1. Pick your fabric and measure your cubbies/shelves. Cut squares the size of the opening + seam allowance (1 inch on the sides and bottom and 2 inches on the top).

2. Turn the edges under once, half and inch, and under again, another half an inch. Top-stitch (or in my case your mom will top stitch for you-- thanks mom!).

3. Iron to make the edges crisp.

4. Take sticky velcro. Put one side on the top of the cubby and the other on your fabric (thus why you need an extra inch on the top half). You could attach it more permanently using hot glue or a staple gun, but I wanted something detachable. If it gets dirty I could wash it easily, but more likely I can change it out as she grows and the fabric in the rest of the room changes.

Anyway, after the velcro is attached it looks like this
And glory if your cute little finished product:

Here's a picture of the whole corner from across the room. On top of the cubby sits her sound machine (essential when living in a noisy apartment complex), a small succulent in a pot, and a teddy bear.
On the wall are my college diploma (because the frame is brown and it doesn't match any of the other rooms in our house!) and am embroidery hoop with some fabric and a little embroidered "e" and dots on it (compliments of my friend Helena --thanks friend).
Anyway, that's the first corner of the room. I'm so happy with how it turned out. It's not perfect, but it looks great, hides the clutter, and brings some color to the nursery which is otherwise on the bland side (tan apartment walls, white furniture). Special thanks to Joe who watched the munchkin all alone for hours Saturday so I could go sew. Thanks honey!

I'll post more nursery photos as each segment gets finished off.

Do you like it? Not your style? Surprised I didn't use pink or purple?

2 little remarks:

painty (Melinda) said...

That is a super idea. Especially with the velcro.

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

So darling! I'm in love with the fabric!!

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