Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Few Random Things

You guys, great news...Evs slept through the night last night. Lovely little baby. Lets hope this becomes a more frequent occurrence! I don't have time for a full blown post, but I thought I'd share with you a few links that have caught my eye lately.

1. Evs turns one in just 3 months (seriously!?) and I'm already on the lookout for great birthday ideas. Here are a few:

  • I loved the simplicity of this cake. Sanding sugar, a fancy store-bought top, and the rainbow interior. Love. 
  • This birthday banner is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Maybe if I make the hats in the colors of Evs nursery I can hang it in there after the party. It's so
2. I'm busy. Most of the time there's something I should be doing. But recently I stopped in my tracks and was totally irresponsible for like 2 days reading "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels"...I recommended it to my mom and a good friend and both of them felt the same way. A real life love story...clean...and so funny too. Read it, you'll love it. Then subscribe to the Pioneer Woman's blog (if you don't already) so you can get a little more Ree Drummond in your life daily. She's funny, shares good recipes and I wish she lived next door. Amen.

3. And just for fun here are a few random blog/article links you might want to check out:
  • Creative ways to get your kids to eat good stuff. LOVED it.
  • My friend Emily just finished her baby's quiet book. My quiet book plans are more geared toward entertaining a toddler or older child. Ems is great for a baby--love the Lion mane! 
  • If I had time I would implement this tutorial on my blog. I don't have time so go check out how cute Tiffany's blog is and give her some love for taking the time to show you how to make yours so awesome.
  • I love economists, they have such a logical way of viewing the world. See one economist's take on the secrets to a happy marriage. I concur.
4. I haven't made much progress on the 50 in 500 list. The other day we had a very spring-like day that made me itch for warm weather. Here are a few items on the list I really want to tackle as the weather warms up:
  • Go to the SLC Farmer's Market
  • Visit the Ogden Balloon Festival
  • Walk around BYU campus in Spring taking pictures of my favorite places
  • Fly kites on a windy day
  • Visit a farm and pick our own food
  • Get family pictures taken / Evs' pictures taken
  • Throw Everly a fun little first birthday party
  • Run a 5K together
Making that list just makes me long for warmer weather. Hopefully just a few short weeks and we'll be there.

And because I hate pictureless posts, here's a picture of Joe and I from when we were dating. In my dreams I hope to shed some pounds this year and look this good again (please pardon my shiny face...)
Love that man. He's a keeper.

Hope you guys have a good night...and hoping we do too (sleep baby sleep!)

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Charayne said...

I loved this post! So when we get together (which we should do more often) we should talk about some crafting and such!

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