Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Pinterest Addiction and some other tidbits of good news.

I have to warn you all that I'm so addicted to Pinterest that it's sucking up all my blogging time/motivation. But seriously when you find cute things like this (pic below), how can you not love Pinterest?

I want to make this "pinata", not stuff it, and hang it in Evs' room. I also have an ever growing list of other projects I want to do...too many good ideas, too little time. But at least they are filed away somewhere tidy--does my OCD organizing mind some good to see it all "pinned" into place.

I just can't recommend it enough. It helps me organize my online links/thoughts, find new ones from friends and strangers, see random pins that make me smile, and fulfills my need to daydream about my dream house. It's just fun.

In other good news I have been making good progress on all kinds of things around my house.

Bumper pads for the nursery, quiet book progress, hanging things on walls, trying new recipes, day to day cleaning...good stuff (pictures to come). Oh and I learned how to get almost all stains out of my baby's clothes (stain remover, let it sit, scrub with toothbrush, dump in hot water with oxiclean, let it soak, run through washer as usual) and that's a major victory in my life because my baby is sneaky about staining those darling little onesies (Where did this orange stain come from! I washed your hands after lunch! Oh dear....

We've also been watching a bit of basketball (so sad to watch Jimmer & the Cougars lose) and doing the usual run around visiting friends and families. We've seen a few movies (this one good, this one bad) and watched our usual fair share of TV.

Oh and we're enjoying lots of baby giggles. Because Evs has that giggling thing down. It's infectious.
The screeching she's experimenting with...less delightful.
Can't wait til that girl can talk and "use her words".

Oh and final piece of good news: I started jogging again. Twice this week and it felt so good (thanks to Jasmin for being my running buddy). We're signing up for a 5k in early June and would love to have anyone local join us, but more on that later.

Is that enough randomness for you all? The name of my blog seems more appropriate all the time...

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