Monday, April 4, 2011

50 in 500: Make Real Scones

Back when I was in college I went on a trip to Seattle with a bunch of fellow political science students. We were participating in Model European Union conference and the trip was paid for by a grant. Free trip to Seattle with a fun little debate competition? Yes please.

I still remember the scones they had at the hotel we stayed in. They were to die for. As one student proclaimed "I could eat my weight in scones!". It was a continental breakfast so perhaps if you hung around long enough you could eat your weight in scones. All I know is they were good. Real good.

Anyway I like scones, but had never made English style scones. So it went on my list of 50 things to complete in 500 days and today I just decided to hop to it. Most scone recipes call for cream of some sort and I'm not one to keep cream in the fridge as a staple. But we had a family dinner here yesterday complete with strawberry shortcake and there was cream leftover. Just sitting there in the fridge calling to be me. And I was craving a baked good.

And so it would seem fate was telling me it was time to make those scones. And make them I did.

I found a basic recipe, tweaked a few things and made some orange cranberry scones.

Here's what I learned about scones. Scones have a LOT of butter and a LOT of cream and a LOT of calories. They are really also easy to make.

But the bottom line is this: while they were tasty, I think this might be a one time affair because I prefer to spend those calories on even more tasty treats -- like pizza and molten chocolate cake. Could I try to perfect the scone and mimic those ones I had in Seattle 5 years ago? Yes...but I won't.

Still, it was a good way to spend some time this afternoon. And I took a few to my neighbor so I wouldn't devour them all myself. Are you wishing you were my neighbor? Me too, that'd be fun.

Anyway you can see the full 50 in 500 list here...lots to do and the time is dwindling!

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Jasmin said...

They were amazing, thank you!

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