Tuesday, April 19, 2011

5K -- For Real This Time

Ah summer. It's coming. We've had a few of those amazingly beautiful spring days and I'm in heaven. I didn't realize how down I was with the winter blues until the beautiful spring came and rescued me.

One of my goals on the 50 in 500 list is to run a 5k (with Joe). It looks like we won't be able to run one together--too busy and our conflicting schedules make training together a challenge. So I'm revising that goal a bit.

Image not of me...ha ha, I wish.
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My lovely friend Jasmin agreed to run it with me. I thought we should pick a race now so we have a deadline and won't wimp out. Looks like we'll be running this one in nearby Murray on June 4th. If you want to join us we'd love to have you--but I warn you...we won't be speedy...you won't win any medals...but we could all feel awesome conquering the 5k together!

So far so good with the training. We've been running 3 days a week for over a month now (except one week, which ended up being two days). The weather is improving and we are loving it. A few tips for those of you thinking of learning to run:

  • Start slow. We're following this schedule.
  • Drink lots of water, stretch
  • Have a running partner (preferably not a spouse...I'm more accountable to a friend than a spouse. I'll just say to Joe -- lets snuggle on the couch & watch TV!)
  • Switch it up -- run different routes. Running on a trail by the river is, for me, much more enjoyable than running in the neighborhood. And running on the treadmill is easier than outside so occasional treadmill runs make us feel like running rockstars (but we're not...)
  • Hang in there. You'll be amazed how your endurance will build up.
  • Have fun!
Anyway, things are going much better than the last 2 times I tried to like running. I think that having a running buddy who lives in my same apartment complex has made all the difference. Now if I can just eat fewer cookies I might be able to shed some of these extra pounds. Wish me luck!

5 little remarks:

Ali said...

Oh man, Easter is the toughest time of year to think about shedding the pounds...even worse than Christmas in my opinion...but running definitely will help! Running buddies are THE best and the ultimate motivator in training and getting out the door. Good luck!

Kristine said...

You are amazing!

Tara said...

I'm in agreement with Ali. Easter candy is the bomb diggety! And so hard to avoid...as are cookies. Too true. But good luck with the running! A 5K is a GREAT goal to start running. It'll just get more fun from here--I promise ;)

Henderson said...

I am training for a 5k too! (And also my like, third attempt at running). Good luck on your 5k!!

Nicole said...

I'm not a runner, but if you want to walk on the parkway, or go to the gym together...I need a workout buddy. Rosie can keep an eye on Everly with us nearby, so you can't use child care as an excuse :)

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