Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Few Random Things

Truthfully, there's no time full blog posts on everything I'd like, but I have a few awesome things to share so here goes:


  • I made these paprika spiced pork chops with spinach this week -- winner winner chicken pork dinner, they were awesome. And fast. And since I trim almost all fat of meat before we eat it they were pretty healthy too.
  • With the other two pork chops I made these pork & ginger potstickers. Next time I think I'll reduce the ginger and add some carrot or celery, but overall they are awesome. The wrapping part is time consuming but you can freeze 2/3 of the recipe and then you have other dinners all ready to go. Also...with potstickers it's nice to know what's in them. It freaks me out a bit when I ponder what's in them at other restaurants (cough. Panda Express. cough.). Also I was delighted to discover that my food processor can, indeed, "grind" meat...which is how I turned pork chops into ground pork Awesome.
  • This blog, "Word of Wisdom Living" is awesome. Add it to your lists of must reads. I like nutrition information and I like the way it's packaged here -- common sense, not too extreme, little challenges to improve your diet. And in short blog post doses. Read it.
  • I started reading the book "In Defense of Food" and it's completely changing how I look at what I eat. I cannot recommend it enough.

  • Evs had thrush. :( It was sad. Her doc isn't sure why she got it (she's never been on an antibiotic, which is the biggest cause) but luckily she's been taking a nystatin and all is improving. Yay for doctors
  • Evs still has only one tooth. She wants to eat table food....she's not particularly successful in consuming table food.
  • Still not sleeping through the night most of the time. But once in a blue moon she does and it is bliss.
  • Slowly weaning off the swaddle, phew!
  • After several months of hiatus from rolling Evs has decided rolling is the bomb. She rolls all over, everywhere, getting into things. Still no interest in crawling...
  • Learning how to drink out of a sippy cup, sort of. Today when I was taking her picture with her sippy she made this awesome face. ha ha

  • The man of the house is still here, working hard -- by day at and by night as a financial planner and mortgage officer (he'd love to help you out if you're in the market for that sort of a thing)
  • He is still a huge tech geek and trying to teach himself java...why not, right?
  • He still sings with an acapella group called Vocal Tonic. They are performing this summer at Taylorsville Days if you want to come -- Saturday June 25th at about 7pm. They are opening for an Abba cover band. I'm all over this event. :)
  • He will also be singing the national anthem at a Real SL game (I'm so there) and a Rocky Mountain Raceway Race (I'm, uh, not there...guess he'll have to give the free tickets to someone else...)
  • He's also singing later this summer at Raspberry Days in Brigham City...we're contemplating a trip with a stay in Logan overnight...if only I can get Everly to sleep somewhere other than her crib....we shall see!
  • He's the awesomest daddy.
  • I wish he and I were able to go on more dates, but high maintenance Evs makes leaving her with babysitters difficult (she won't nap, even for grandma!). For now we spend out time together in the evenings talking, eating things that are bad for us, and watching TV/movies. I love him.


  • Other than that we're just busy with same old same know: laundry, dishes, family parties, dinner with friends, walks in the park, exercise...oh and work. Joe works 2 jobs and I work part-time in addition to trying to mold a little human being. It's busy!
  • Did you want more of an update on work: I play with spreadsheets and answer emails. Almost exclusively at night while Evs sleeps. I know more about the minutiae of foreign aid data than is probably good for any person.
  • Quiet Book: I have a date with my mom on Saturday morning to finish the final details on the first 6 pages and get the cover done. Pictures forthcoming.
  • 1st Birthday: We're having a family only bash (friends don't be offended!) in a few weeks. I'm excited to see Everly attack the cake.
  • I love pinterest -- follow me there an you'll see lots of things I'd love to blog about if I had time. It's so fun.
  • Photography: I'm shooting mostly in manual these's very exciting. I love how much better my photos are turning out...and I have so far to go. If only I had more time to experiment.

4 little remarks:

painty (Melinda) said...

You say Joe is a mortgage officer? We are having a heck of a time getting a loan right now... And if you need a place to stay in Logan, or if you have a place to stay but have time to visit, I'd love to see you! And by the way, I LOVE that face Everly is making in the sippy cup picture. So cute!

Jessie said...

You really should go to Rocky Mountain Raceway. I'm serious, those are SUCH fun races. Maybe don't take Everly, but really, it's so fun. That's actually where my first official date with Cory was. Good memories in that place.

Also, I love pinterest, too. You may have noticed. :)

And last, the scrunchy-faced pic is adorable. I love this age--babies are SO fun when they're figuring out so many things at once. Love, love love it.

Emily S said...

Perfect, after four months with no computer I get a nice, solid update. Sounds like you're doing a lot, your baby's still adorable. If you are still updating a private family blog, invite me, I missed that train. We'll definitely come visit you soon. Oh, and btw, my first two children also destroyed my crib as beavers do, but only on the top. I had to remove the bumper pads because they used it as a launching pad to climb out . . . funny babies.

Ali said...

Great update on you all:) I didn't know Joe was still so involved in performing and singing for so many things- that's awesome! You must be so proud when you watch him. That's just crazy to me that you have to wean Evs from swaddling- I've never heard of that. I was glad Evan liked swaddling, but it wasn't hard to break him of it. Now I'm nervous to do it too much with this new one! I don't want him to be addicted!

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