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Mommyhood 101: Bathing & Diapering

Continuing on here's what I've learned about bathing & diapering in year one (moms feel free to add your advice in the comments):


We used the Puj Tub. I loved almost everything about it. Except the fact that Everly outgrew it at 6 months (and chubbier babies would outgrow it much sooner). I'd say skip the puj tub (because of the price) and stick with a regular baby bath tub (hunt garage sales or borrow from a friend!) or a bath sponge like this one. Currently Evs doesn't even bathe, she sits in her bumbo in the shower with me, so I guess I recommend the bumbo too.

My sister-in-law gave me the Aveeno baby shampoo/body wash. We're still using the same bottle (it's huge and a baby doesn't need much). You can get it almost anywhere (I've seen it at Costco even) and here it is on Amazon. We also love the Aveeno baby lotion because it's unscented and good for babies with sensitive skin (Evs is prone to eczema). But we also use the pink Johnson & Johnson baby lotion because I love the smell so much.

Babies will play with anything. I splurged and bought some bath toys (which she likes)


Cloth vs disposable
I prefer cloth in a lot of ways (the fit is soooo much better and the price is awesome too). But there are perks to disposables too (convenience, slimmer fit on the baby). You can see a more in depth review from me on the comparison here or here's another review I recently saw that I thought was helpful (from someone who purchased all their diapers instead of sewing them like I did).

Which disposable brand is best?
Mostly because I got some as gifts and then through trial and error I've tried lots of brands of diapers. Here's the skinny:
  • Huggies vs Pampers: It's apples and oranges. Both are premium brands and great, it just depends on the shape of your baby and what fits best. We currently prefer pampers, but that may change as she grows.
  • 7th generation: they are kind of stiff but the tabs are SUPER stretchy which I loved. If you can afford the extra cost they are a great option (and supposedly more environmentally friendly, but I have not researched this)
  • Store brands: I only tried Kroger. They fit smaller and the quality was definitely inferior. Hated them.
  • Kirkland (Costco): They seem really stiff and fit Evs weird. Plus they aren't really cost competitive anymore with Amazon Mom, but a lot of people love them.
Where to buy:
From what I've observed and researched nothing beats Amazon Mom for the combination of convenience (free 2 day shipping!) and price. Coupon codes for diapers are becoming more rare, but the regular subscribe-and-save option is still an amazing deal. If you are buying premium brand diapers anywhere else you are probably paying too much. This post over at Baby Cheapskate explains really clearly how Amazon Mom works -- it's simple and only takes a few minutes. Start buying your diapers there today.

Diapering Miscellaneous
  • We really love Aquafor for diaper rash cream. Evs rarely gets diaper rash but when she does this clears it up pronto. And a single tub may last us all her diapering days. Great stuff
  • Wipes: we love the Kirkland brand ones best--great price and they are great quality. If you don't have a Costco membership I'd buy wipes through Amazon Mom (or mooch off a friend's Costco membership, that's what I do...)
  • I got this diaper caddy as a shower gift, I love how it keeps diapers, wipes, and all the miscellaneous stuff in one place (even has a little drawer to hide away the little tubes and such). Love it.
Anyway that's all the bathing & diapering tips I can think of. Hope this helps any readers who are soon to be first time parents. Good luck!

And to wrap up this text heavy post with a picture, this freshly bathed baby is getting close to crawling (tummy off the floor, rocking back & forth)!!

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Tiff said...

We have lots in common!

Just wanted to add that Pampers points can earn you a free 8x8 Shutterfly book (which is mainly why I switched to them from Huggies)

...and Aquafor is an amazing lip balm as well. Clears up my chapped lip dilemmas almost overnight.

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