Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quiet Book Tutorial: Binding the Edges

I debated a bit on how to sew my pages back to back.

I thought about serging all around or just a straight stitch bind. Bias tape would be pretty (but kind of pricey if you buy the bias tape and kind of a pain if you make your own -- it's a lot of inches along the edge).

In the end I decided that a blanket stitch would look pretty. I find hand sewing relaxing and I liked that I could pick a contrasting crochet thread to add another layer of color to the page. Here's a picture of the finished quiet book ('s in it's cover which I haven't blogged about yet!):

Isn't it fun how each set of pages has it's own color? I like it. A lot.
Evs does not appreciate this, but she liked pulling on the beads on the C is for Counting page.

I wasn't sure how to do the corners, but I found this tutorial. It's a bit tricky and not all of mine turned out perfect. But if you are patient and practice it several times I'm sure you'd get the knack of it quickly.

I'd rather have imperfect pages than practice. So my pages are flawed.

I'm a perfectionist in many things.

Sewing is not one of them.

Anyway here's one of my better corners:

If you're making a quiet book do you think you'll go through this kind of effort on the binding? Or take a different approach and serge/sew them together?

3 little remarks:

Ali said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL. Im so jealous of it. That is SO much work, but it's going to pay off and anyone sitting next to you at church will wonder where you got it:) I know i do whenever I see one- "Did they make it?" "Where can I GET ONE?!"

Malinovka said...

Your quiet book looks great! I did mine in a group, so it isn't quite as organized and detailed. :) If I did it again, I'd probably make my own. Everly is going to love it! Happy Birthday!

Kaela said...

Amazing and adorable- just as I suspected:) That will be one cherished book by all!!!

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