Thursday, June 9, 2011

We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming...

I may usually post about homemaking, baby-rearing, and related topics. But as I've mentioned before my night job is working on a foreign aid database project.

Humor my work related post.

At AidData we believe that making data on how the billions of dollars are spent each year can make aid more effective in the long run. Frankly, it's a shame that we spend so much on development projects and get so little return.

We've all heard about failed development projects in the third world, right?

So here's something small you can do:

Sign a petition.

It's asking governments to be more transparent about how foreign aid dollars are spent.

As a taxpayer I think I have a right to know.

As someone working gathering data on development projects I know how much room there is for improvement in donor transparency.

As a concerned human being I want to know that the billions spent each year trying to help the world's poor is being spent effectively.

One step in that process, I believe, is increased transparency.

Improved transparency can lead to better aid coordination and can allow activists to hold donors & local governments accountable in those cases where aid dollars are being mis-spent.

So take a second, click this link, and sign this petition.

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