Sunday, July 10, 2011

50 in 500: Visit SLC Farmer's Market

I've wanted to go to the SLC farmer's market for ages. But Joe often works Saturday mornings and we just hadn't made it down there. Today we did. Which means I'm crossing off one more item from my 50 in 500 list.

We had a rare free Saturday so we packed up the baby & stroller (and a diaper bag with a million items) and drove downtown. It was fun to see the variety and difficult to practice restraint with our purchases.

Pardon my terrible photos, turns out taking pictures in manual mode with constantly shifting lighting is tricky.

It was crazy sunny, even for 10am. So Joe set to work lathering up the pasty baby.
I try to remind Everly how lucky she is to ride in the stroller. I tell her "I wish daddy was pushing me around the farmer's market" but she remains unconvinced of the joys of stroller riding.

Here's the view from across the street, that park was packed! (Do you see the valet bike parking, love it. Wish we lived close enough to bike over)
There was so much to see (and want to buy!) like these darling dolls. I've been planning on making one for Evs, but it was tempting to pick one up.
We did buy some blackberry jam, peas, and cherries. And I wanted to pick up so much more!
Look how huge those peas were!
These cherries were delicious. That's right we've already consumed almost half of them.

They also had a lot of food stands. I was really tempted to buy one of these oven baked pizzas (how cool is that portable oven? if I were rich I'd throw a party and hire them to cater)
It was hot though and crowded and Miss Evie Lou was getting tired of her stroller so we decided to head to lunch.

My little brother reminded me of this restaurant Moochies which was featured on the Food Network's show "Diner's Drive-Ins and Dives" (I even had seen the episode!). When Joe said he wanted to get a sandwich I figured we might as well make it a special sandwich trip (rather than boring old Subway run). We were not disappointed.

I confess, Moochies is really a dive, nothing fancy here. But the price is right, the service was great, and the bread on those sandwiches...made me want another.
We ordered both their specialties and shared. Joe loved the cheesesteak (I liked it too, but American cheese is not really my fav)
and I was wild for the meatball -- I've been known to crave meatball subs and this one blows my Subway meatball trips out of the water. Like I said -- the bread! the meatball! We'll be back and next time I'm not sharing with Joey.
We were so stuffed after eating at Moochies that we spent the afternoon and early evening snacking on cherries and watermelon. Summer. Ah summer, I love you so.

Anyway, it was a good start to a Saturday. I wish we could go every week, but I'll settle for one more repeat Farmer's Market/Moochie's run before the summer is out. If you want to join us, we're down. :)

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Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

What a fun day!!!! I'll add that place to my list of places next time I go to SLC.. I'm a total sucker for bread.

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