Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good for a laugh

I love Harry Potter.

The story. The movies. All of it.

I was so sad when the final movie came out, because it means it's all coming to an end.

I love it that much more because Joe and I read Harry Potter 7 on our honeymoon. It came out just before our wedding and we're both fans so we took it with us to the cabin in the mountains and read it together during those honeymoon days.

And I love BYU. I went to school there, I work for a research project at BYU, and I will always love BYU.

At BYU there's a sketch comedy group called "Divine Comedy" -- this particular brand of BYU humor makes me laugh. It reminds me of all the silly clean fun I had at BYU during my years there.

So when I saw this video I loved it. Harry Potter and BYU humor, combined?!

Really it is so so funny.

Maybe you will think it's funny too -- even if you don't love Harry Potter and didn't go to BYU.

But you will definitely think it's funny if you are a Harry Potter loving BYU alum.

Good times:

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*Aliese* said...

Bahaha! I saw this just before the movie came out. Hilarious. LOVE IT.

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