Monday, August 15, 2011


We are moved. My mom's garage looks like the room of requirement from Harry Potter and we will be in "hunt down what we need" mode for a while -- since we don't plan on unpacking the majority of our belongings during our stint here at my mom's house. But everything is out of the old place and the keys are turned over.

Let me just say. Moving is a doozy. I was miserable. And when I told my mom it was the worst move ever she reminded me that the one where our moving van was stolen definitely was worse. That made me laugh, because seriously, it was so so much worse, but in the midst of my misery moving last week I somehow lost that perspective. All I could think is "This is terrible!!" And it was but having our entire moving van stolen and then found dumped in a river was way way worse.

Still this last move was no cake walk.

I do not recommend packing all of your belongings in 5 days.

With a 14 month old to care for.

And a 14 month old who gets a raging 104 degree fever.

So you can't utilize any of your friends' offers to watch said baby while you pack.

It was bad you guys, real bad.

I'm not saying this to complain, I'm just stating the facts.

5 hours of sleep Thursday night. 4.5 hours of sleep Friday night. And a long LONG Saturday -- moving van, wrapping up packing, and cleaning. It seemed impossible but we did it. And when it was all over we were ready to collapse at 6pm, but no such luck.

The first night in the new digs little Evs was having a total panic attack and could not sleep for hours. I have NEVER heard her scream so unconsolably in my arms. And that's saying something given her 4 months of colic and general sensitive/fussy disposition. We finally opted for a midnight run to Walgreens with a screaming baby. It took me right back to the colic days, oy. Lets not go back there. Ever. Okay?

Good news -- benadryl knocked out Evs and at least she got 7 hours of sleep Saturday night. That's 5 short of the typical goal on a given night, but at least we got her down. On the way to walgreens we were desperate and so was Evs.

Don't judge us for giving our baby benadryl to sleep, we'd cleared this with a doctor (and a nurse practitioner too).

But as bad as that all was, we are moved out of the old place. Mission accomplished.

And Evs is sleeping better. And the sleep deprivation of Saturday night led to a three hour nap today, and THAT was glorious.

Anyway I have lots of catch-up to do with work, and unpacking, and caring for the babe. And Joe goes out of town on Wednesday-Saturday (dreading it) so blogging will have to be on the back burner for a while.

This post is long, pictureless and has to real point other than to tell you about what was one of the longest weeks of my life. Lets all be glad it's over. Phew.

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Kaela said...

I'm so sorry Anna!! That sounds beyond miserable!!! Oye. I am so glad it is over for you and you can now move onto hopefully more pleasant things!!! Congrats on getting through it:) Oh and thanks for the prompt sending of those extra pieces- I am looking forward to the next couple of steps before completion and will be sure to blog about it... though I can't guarantee how timely I will be about it;)

Tiff said...

Yikes!! I'm so sorry.. but yes, it's in the past now - smooth sailing ahead, right? ;)

Bethany said...

My heart goes out to you, Anna. Your move sounds terrible.

*Aliese* said...

Sorry moving was crappy. I must admit that moving, in general, is definitely one of my least favorite things on the planet. Ev's sleep issues sound completely miserable! Holy cow. I'm definitely NOT judging the Benadryl solution. I say, "GREAT JOB on actually finding a solution!"

painty (Melinda) said...

Oh! That sounds terrible, moving is bad enough with a small child who is not sick. :( Glad you survived. it was so good to see you!

Emily S said...

Yucky! Sleep, don't unpack. :) Sorry it was miserable, but so glad you have a money-saving plan. I would TOTALLY do that if we were anywhere close to either set of parents.

Tannie Datwyler said...

I'm so sorry! Moving is miserable - I know. It's tricky with 3 kids, but at least I had a lot of people helping. That's a huge bummer that Evs got sick. :( Hopefully it will be all good now.

Ali said...

Yuck. I'm so sorry. Moving with perfectly healthy kids is hard enough!! I hope your next move into a HOME(!) is smooth sailing. You deserve it! Good luck getting somewhat settled.

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