Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update: 50 in 500: Unpack all of our belongings & organize the craft closet

*Update: The first time the pics didn't work so I'll try this one. Hopefully it works. Fingers crossed.

With the move a few items on my 50 in 500 list obviously won't get completely "done" but they were 90% of the way done when we moved so I'm calling it good.

Get moved into our own semi-permanent place and get ALL our belongings unpacked Well we pretty much were all the way unpacked. There was one small pile in Everly's room -- the things in that little pile never did find their own place, but since I could have just stashed them all in the storage unit on the balcony any time I wanted I'm calling it good. I don't really have pics of our apartment all clean and looking packed away but I have a few of the outside of our place. I took them as part of documenting where we lived when Evie Lou was born.
And here's our building.

Ah good little Apt #206, I'll always remember you as the first place we were really settled and the place we brought home little Everly from the hospital.

And not to be forgotten, on the 50 in 500 list was Organize the craft closet Clearly this little closet could use some work, but it really was more than half organized. So I'm calling it done and done. Mosts of the craft stuff will just stay in boxes til we buy our house. So I'm crossing off for pure satisfaction and in recognition of a good college try on my part.

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