Sunday, September 18, 2011

50 in 500: Visit a farm and pick our own food

I'll be honest, as it was mid-September I'd pretty much assumed I'd missed the boat on this one.

The my friend Holly invited me to go berry picking with her. It was such a fun outing and I'm so glad we went. And not just because I ended up with a giant bowl with 4.5lbs of raspberries for $11.

We chose this berry patch because Holly had been there before and it wasn't that far from our home. If you live in Utah you can visit there (up through the first frost -- generally in October) and meet the lovely proprietor -- nicest man ever.
I thought things would be pretty picked over but those bushes were loaded with raspberries. So I picked and picked and picked and Evie was fussy (teething baby and a momma who forgot pain reliever in the diaper back...uh it was a no good situation) and yet she was a total champ overall. I tried giving her raspberries to snack on but she doesn't like the texture and rejected that raspberry in no time flat. But she loved the blackberries. :)

At McBride's they have both raspberries and blackberries.

Here are the raspberries (with pokey thorns)
And the thornless blackberry bushes.
The berries are sold for $3 a pound if you pick (and it was either $5 or $6 a pound if they pick for you). I don't think the berries are certified organic, but Holly told me he only sprays at the end of the season to keep the weeds down. All I know is those berries were good. Yum. For real.

And did I mention the owner is nice as can be? He weighed our berries and then rounded down. Said "oh that's 13.60, lets just say $12" and then when we only had $11 cash or $100 bill he said "oh $11 is fine". Bless him! (and shame on me for not planning better and having better cash). Oh and he insisted several times that we pick some free flowers on our way out. They had scissors handy and everything. He was just really charming, you should go meet him.
We'll be back next year, with the husbands so we can pick more aggressively. Though Evie will still probably get just as messy chomping on those blackberries. And that's fine by me because I'm always up for a laugh and fresh fruit is a healthy snack.
Phew, one more item completed on the 50 in 500 list, I love how it helps me get to some of those "someday" items on my to do list.

If you live nearby and can find time in the next few weeks head over to McBride's Briar Patch, you'll be glad you did -- 1849 S 2100 W, Mapleton, UT (really it's almost in Spanish Fork)

Have you visited a farm lately? This fall weather has me itching to put on a sweater and go find an orchard somewhere to pick some apples for a pie. And drink some cider. I really love fall. And the fact that berries can be picked then was just a delightful surprise.
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N Luthi said...

I love love love this!! Must try!

painty (Melinda) said...

How fun-- I love the berry face!

Tannie Datwyler said...

Um, TOOO FUN!! We picked apples the other day on the BYU-I campus. It was fabulous fun. Post coming later...

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