Thursday, September 8, 2011

High / Low

Have you heard of doing daily highs and lows at dinner time? Each family member tells about that day's high and that day's low. I like this practice. I remember going to my friend Brooke's house for dinner in high school and her family did it, but I think they may have called it something else.

Regardless I have plans of implementing this in my little family's life.

Do you want to hear about yesterday's high and low? You do, okay.

High: read an entire book on the kindle app on my phone. 

Specifically this book, I give it 4/5 stars on goodreads. It was rather enjoyable to devour a good fiction book in one day.

"Wait" you say, "Don't you have a 15 month old high maintenance child, are still unpacking and getting settled, and you have a part time job -- how is it possible you read an entire book in one day?"

Well my friends that was brought to you by yesterday's low.

Low: Woke up in the morning to stabbing pains in my abdomen.

Not like cramps. Not like labor. Not like anything I'd had before. It was bad and getting worse. I yelled for Joe. I started crying and saying "something is wrong, I think we need to go to the emergency room". I'm cheap, I don't like to spend $$$$ on emergency room trips, in fact my last ER trip may have been when I was living at home as a child.

I'm the wait-it-out-and-go-to-the-regular-doctor type person. Or at the very least an instacare type person. But it was 7am and the pain was too horrific to wait for those places to open or to sit in a lobby waiting to get in.This was emergency pain.

So we jetted out the house and I whimpered when every bump Joe hit hurt. So bad. WHAT THE DEVIL IS WRONG WITH ME?!!!

We get to the ER and I'm still in a lot of pain. During the check in process and getting settled in a bed the pain is slowly subsiding. And I'm starting to feel like a moron for being there. But seriously that pain was nowhere in the realm of normal. And how was I to know it would subside. And even if it had subsided, what the heck had caused it? Something was WRONG.

The ER doc informs me that he thinks it might be appendicitis and that the pain can come and go (GREAT!) He orders some tests. Those tests take F-O-R-E-V-E-R. And in the meantime Joe takes Evie to a friend's house since the doc says we will be there a while (umm when I was mentally wishing for an Evie free day I was hoping it'd be at a spa not at the ER...apparently I should be clearer sending out these mental wishes to the universe).

The tests come back and the doctor says "good news -- your appendix looks fine. bad news -- your ovary looks twisted"...ummm...okay...uh, wait, what?! How does such a thing happen?

So he orders an ultrasound. Let me tell you that ultrasounds are much more fun when you have a little baby on the screen. The tech was really kind and apologized when he had to put pressure on my sore stomach. Then he found the culprit, it was not a twisted ovary but rather a giant burst ovarian cyst.

Yikes. And ow. And hey there giant cysts -- go away and never come again.

It then takes several hours for a radiologist to confirm what the radiology tech had already told us. Then the ER doc proclaims that if he "had to have lower right quadrant pain" that this is the diagnosis he would choose. It doesn't require surgery or antibiotics or anything really. Just pain meds if I want them.

So about 4.5 hours after arriving at the ER we left the ER. I had finished the majority of my book and I was just cursing the heavens that our "get out of debt quick" plans would now be foiled by an ER bill that will likely reach several thousand dollars (we have insurance but it's a high deductible plan because WE ARE NORMALLY CRAZY HEALTHY, ugh.). I'm still irritated.

Joe stayed home the rest of the day and helped with Evs. I took a long afternoon nap, worked in the evening, and polished off my book.

And today we're right back to normal like we barely skipped a beat.

It was quite the day.

Now in a few weeks I can guarantee you the "low" for the day will be receiving that ER bill. I better have a really good "high" stashed ready to go when that puppy arrives in the mail. Any ideas?

(As a side note -- to all my women friends who have ever told me they have had similar ovarian cyst type issues -- my apologies for having no comprehension of the pain involved. I mean, ow, seriously, ow.).

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*Aliese* said...

Bursting cysts are definitely no laughing matter! Shortly before Darrin and I were hitched, I had awful pains and they found one larger than my actual ovary. Compound that with a kidney infection and UTI, I was seriously in the most pain I'd ever been in. AWFUL. SO SO SORRY you had to have one too! They're definitely no fun at all.

painty (Melinda) said...

So sorry to hear about that! Glad you are ok now.

Becky Knowles said...

Well, hurray for reading a whole book in a day. BUT, ow! I'm so sorry you had to go through so much to do it. If you need, I will take you out to dinner the day you get your bill.....just give me a call. :)

Ali said...

YeeOUCH. Sounds no fun. Can't say I can relate, and by the sounds of things I pray I never have to. Sorry Anna. I hope you catch a break soon and the ER bill is less than expected?!

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Oh, my friend-- I'm SO sorry!!! I've had several of those, and they are THE worst! Did they give you a cathetar and fill your bladder before the ultrasound? That adds to the "fun" pressure :) I hope you don't get those again.. Misery.

Emily S said...

Yucko! People say they are the worst ever, and the more I hear, the more I hope to not experience . . . The pluses: 1. You may meet your deductible and then you can go to the doctor cheap for the rest of the year. Get it all done! 2. Now you know what it feels like so you won't go to the ER right away next time 3. The book always takes the edge off. But just the very edge. Sorry, girl!

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