Friday, September 2, 2011


Lately there just isn't much time for blogging. But life keeps plugging along:

We've been sick (Evs, Joe and I).

We've been moving.

We've been getting caught up on work. Boring. Tedious. Necessary.

For a couple weeks there Evs wasn't sleeping. To the point that I went to the doctor for help. He gave me some tips and something to try to help her sleep for a few days to get caught up, but ultimately just told me we were already doing everything we should be and that Evs was just a willful child. Ha! Oh well.

We bought a blackout curtain and it has made a big difference in her sleep. Best $5 I've spent in a while!

We found a house we are in love with. Well a neighborhood, we'd be building. Lets hope all the financial ducks fall in a row and we can buy it sooner rather than later.

We've been going on walks and to visit the parks. Everly is still crazy about the swings and I can't wait til she can walk and climb more on the playground.

Speaking of walking, I think it's only about a month off! She's been getting more daring with her cruising and standing. And she's so so proud of herself.

Evs still has only 2 teeth. She wants to be independent with her eating and can't chew much up. Please oh please baby get some more teeth soon.

Everly has finally passed the 18lb threshold! Hallelujah. Still, today she is wearing a pair of 0-3 month pants as capris. I find this amusing. She is very healthy, just small. But growing all the time.

In other news a big milestone this past month -- I stopped nursing her. I get my body and wardrobe back to normal. And she's in love with her bottle 3 times a day. And straws all day long. The sippys are still missing from the move...anyone know where they are?

In other news: my brother got a job at the same company Joe works for. He got laid of from his other job the same day he was offered a new one. It was crazy and miraculous and now they carpool together.

Also it's been nice living with family. We miss having our own place (and being able to find things) but Evs is spoiled with attention and I'm spoiled with helpers. I've been able to cook so much more and that has been glorious.

Anyway, there you go. What I've been up to. No crafting, a little of photography, and lots of cooking. But no time to post. Maybe in a few months when things settle down with our routine, work, and Evie's sleep.

2 little remarks:

Rachel said...

thanks for the update--I miss Ann! Everly is a doll. Blackout curtains are miracles.

Ali said...

Where did you find a blackout curtain for $5?! Steal! :) I love that picture of her- so bright and happy!!

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