Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Salt Lake Park Tour: Copperton Park

Enough of you seemed interested in seeing my pics of each park we visit. So here's the first.

Name: Copperton Park
Where: Copperton Township....out west west west along the Oquirrh Mountains (see embedded map below)

I have a lot of fond memories playing on the playground at this park as a child. It's quite far west so I'm not sure what possessed my parents to take us there, but it really is something special. Many hours of happy imaginative play were spent there.

And Copperton Township itself is so cute that when you visit you'll risk wanting to buy a house and stay forever.

But it's a tad too quiet. No gas station or supermarket to speak of. But there is a credit union that's open from 11am to 3:30 (lol). And this tiny post office:
Copperton was settled as a town for miners working at the Bingham Canyon mine (Kennecott Copper). Now that the mine is less active it makes sense that the town is so quiet, but I imagine one day it was filled with families raising young children. I wish I could have seen it in it's hey day.
If you really want to make a day trip out of it you can schedule a trip to tour the Copper Mine at the same time, pack a lunch, and play at the park after. Info on copper mine tours can be found here ($5 per car...little boy heaven with those giant dump trucks. Totally worth it).

You can see the mine as you drive out (on the left in this pic):
Anyway on the park itself.

It's got giant trees. Lots of em. Thanks Copperton settlers for planting those long ago. (It's worth noting that there aren't any really large grassy areas for playing things like soccer or ultimate frisbee).
There's a basketball court,
tennis courts,
a roller hockey court,
a large pavilion, several small picnic tables, and even horseshoes (which Joe loves, oddly enough).
And of course a giant playground with big slides, tunnels to crawl through, walls to hike up like a monkey,
and giant tires to climb all over (I loved those tires as a kid).
And some regular old playground equipment as well. Including swings which are Evie's playground equipment of choice.

Overall the point is this: Copperton Park is a nice quiet little park off the beaten path. It has fun activities for all ages and I can tell you for sure that we'll head back there regularly and Evie will have many happy memories there, just like me.

If you want to head out you can use this map to find your way, just click directions and pack the diaper bag:
View Larger Map

So how bout you locals -- have you been here before? Did you love it as a child? Has it been too long since you've been back?

4 little remarks:

Teresa said...

Sooo the Copperton ward is in my stake. Must mean we're way far out here too :)

Jessie said...

Many fond memories of that park for me, too. I want to take a tour of the mine now that I can really appreciate it, too. Someday, someday. :)

painty (Melinda) said...

I went there a few times. Very cool playground. LOVE the tires.

Holly Strong said...

WE love Cooperton park. We go and take family pics there every fall. :) We also have lots of FHE there.

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