Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cook Book Review

I don't buy a lot of cookbooks. Between the small handful I own and the recipes I get from friends or the internet I'm pretty much set (case in point...my Pinterest "recipes to try" board is a thing of beauty)

But the truth is that sometimes the internet/food blogs/your friends/random searches on allrecipes.com can lead you astray. The recipes might not be written clearly or people just have different tastes (holy moses parsley). Sometimes I try one of these found recipes and have great success and sometimes a total flop (blasted grainy no bake cookies).

But my recent cookbook purchase, it's a gold mine. Everything I've cooked from it turns out great. And there's a reason for that -- America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Illustrated test out recipes over and over to find what works best. Those recipes are fine tuned, even for us amateurs.
It makes sense that their recipe for apple crisp was so amazing because they tried several variations and found that it was best without oats -- WITHOUT? This sounds like crazy talk. It's not. I'm a believer. My apple crisp will only ever have a flour butter crumble paste with pecans in it. It's the right thing to do. I'll save my oats for something else...

Anyway so far I've made these three recipes and each one went on my "remake" list.

  • Pan Seared Chicken with Apricot Orange Pan Sauce (amazing and easy)
  • Apple Crisp (easily the best I've ever had)
  • Mushroom Barley Soup (meatless and Joe still found it satisfying, win!)

You should buy this cookbook. Buy it and love it. Or buy the "healthy" version (if I'd know this existed I would have bought it instead in the first place). I got mine at Costco, but the price is basically the same on Amazon.

Sigh. Between this and now living with my mother who watches Evs while I cook I'm in dinner making heaven these days. It is lovely. So so lovely.

2 little remarks:

Kaela said...

LOVE this post!! I am SUCH a fan of America's Test Kitchen! My mother in law introduced me to them shortly after I was married. She stumbled across some old annuals at DI, fell in love, started buying their magazines and would pick up a magazine for me too since I found that I too loved them. Seriously- the recipes ALWAY turn out, the ingredients are fairly easy to find, the instructions are the BEST, the results taste GREAT, and I feel like such a great cook when I rely on them. I have this cookbook and love it too. I just bought their slow cooker cookbook this year and am excited to try it:)

Tannie Datwyler said...

Oooo, thanks for reminding me I want this cookbook. I already sent the link to Rich telling him I need it for Christmas. :)

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