Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012: Our Best Year Yet

I have a feeling about 2012. A feeling it is going to be awesome. As in the awesomest year we've had yet.

We are so excited about some of the things we have in store. Since the 50 in 500 list ends next month anyway I figured I'd just make a giant "To-Do" for 2012. Some of these come that list (still not completed), some come from the "Year of Dates" gift I gave Joe, some came from pinterest, and some just come from my wishful little heart. Lots of goodness going on here. I may add to it later. And if I have time I'll blog as we complete things.

Doesn't looking over a list like this just get you excited for a new year? It does for me. They aren't exactly all "resolutions", I think about it more as being deliberate with how I live my life. Spending time on that which makes me happy. These things make me happy.

Places To Go:

  • Take Evie for her first zoo visit {DONE! March 10, 2012}
  • Go to the new Utah Museum of Natural History {DONE! October 2012}
  • Go to Lagoon {DONE! June 2012}
  • Tandem Bike Ride/JDawgs with Joe 
  • Go hiking, somewhere beautiful, take Evie Lou, cross our fingers she'll ride in the carrier and not insist on walking... {DONE! June 2, 2012}
  • Take Evie to a water park/outdoor pool  {DONE! June 1, 2012}
  • Go visit friends/family in Portland
  • Go to the Vocal Point concert in February {DONE! February 2012}
  • See the Sound of Music @ Hale Center Theatre (tickets purchased!) {DONE! Aug 2012}
  • Tram ride in the fall at the ski resort
  • To the Nicklecade again with Joe
  • Visit the new Oquirrh Mtn and Draper temples At least one visit is happening in May
To Do:
  • Take pictures of my favorite spots at BYU, preferably in the spring
  • Fly kites on a windy day
  • Go ice skating
  • Host book club  {DONE! April 2012}
  • Geocaching!  {DONE! March 10, 2012}
  • Recreate our first date on the 6 year anniversary in June (MISSED IT, darn)
  • Go see a nature IMAX at the planetarium (deal found here, only available for one more day)  {DONE! April 2012}
  • Berry Picking again! {DONE! August 3, 2012}
  • Celebrate our 5th annivesary, go out to eat somewhere special  {DONE! June 8, 2012}
To Learn:
  • Take an Econ class at SLCC this spring {DONE! June & July 2012}
  • Enroll for  {DONE! June 2012}  and pass three classes in my MPP program this fall {DONE! Dec 2012}  
  • Read my camera manual
  • Read general conference between sessions
  • Finish reading "In Defense of Food"
To Accomplish
  • Become completely debt free except for my small student loan
  • Sell one of our cars {DONE! September 2012}
  • Quit my job!  {DONE! June 2012}
  • Hit my 10lb weight loss mark  {DONE! March 10, 2012}
  • Hit my 20lb weight loss mark {DONE! March 10, 2012}
  • Hit my 30lb weight loss mark {DONE! late Aug 2012}
  • Make it through an entire ab workout at the gym without quitting...
  • Move, unpack completely and get basic organization done before I start school {DONE! Aug 2012}
  • Get Evie's bike seat attached, tires pumped, and ready to ride once the snow clears  {DONE! April, 2012}
To Create
  • Paint grandma's kitchen table
  • Finish reupholstering the orange chairs
  • Make pillows for the couch
  • Make a Christmas gift at Color Me Mine  {DONE! December 2012}
  • Elmo cupcakes (or cake) for Evie's 2nd birthday (did something else instead!)
  • A doll for Evie's birthday, probably this one  {Cancelled since I found a cabbage patch for $0.50 at a yard sale!}
  • Make some sort of garland/banner for Evie's bedroom at our new apartment, maybe this one.  {DONE! late Nov 2012}
  • Yarn wrapped letter for new apartment  Letter bought...must find yarn
  • Finish the felt magnet letters I started.
  • Make some sort of cute/wipable menu board for the kitchen
  • Repaint Evie's dresser, like this.

2 little remarks:

Charayne said...

I relate since I am a list maker as well. Sounds like you have some great things planned. Can't wait to share little bits with you guys!!!!

Kaela said...

Sounds like a great year for sure! So did you guys decide to get an apartment again and wait on buying a house for a little longer? I love your lists (you are ambitious!) and I love that picture of your little Evie girl!!!

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