Monday, January 16, 2012

Being Healthy: Week 1

Well you guys, I'm happy to report that this week I lost 1.2lbs. Can you say Hallelujah!? Okay so five pounds would be more impressive or awesome. But to put this in perspective, if I lose 1.2lbs per week every week for the next five months I will be 10 pounds thinner than I was at my wedding. If I keep losing at that rate, by our 5th anniversary in August I'll be almost to the weight I was when I met Joe.

Talk about a happy anniversary present to us both.

So 1.2lbs is awesome.

Cheers all around.

So when I left the gym on Saturday, my 5th visit of the week, I stopped at Old Navy and got some new exercise clothes. Working out for a couple months now I felt justified in purchasing a few things (so I could stop rummaging around for my black stretchy pants hoping they weren't "too dirty" to wear, again.).

I heard Old Navy was having an awesome sale and that their line of workout attire was pretty great. I'm happy to report that both things are true!

So when you run into me at the grocery store and I'm all sweaty and my hair is a mess, at least my cute gym attire will clue you in as to the reason for my disheveled state. Also don't judge me for the chicken nuggets in my cart, those are for Evie who needs to gain weight! I eat salad for lunch. Evie gets the goods.

Also those pants make me look thinner and more toned than I am. So you'll think "man, Anna's such a dedicated athlete" when really I'm just a mom who loves the gym and bought fancy compression pants on super sale at Old Navy.

Unless you count cheating on the ab workout at my gym class as dedicated athelete behavior, in which case, why yes I am a dedicated athlete.

Will a day come when I can get through the entire 10 minutes of abs at the end of a class? Sometimes I think no. I've never had abs, but perhaps 2012 is the year! If not 2012 is at least the year where I count on doing downward dog without looking like a fool.

New gym clothes. Down 1.2lbs. Possibly looking towards life with visible abs? Life is pretty good right now. Here's hoping next week I lose 1.3lbs. :)

6 little remarks:

Jessie said...

1.2 lbs IS great. :) Good luck with your workout goals. I'm trying really, really hard to stay dedicated to mine, but life is challenging that way, you know? So really, I wish us both good luck.

painty (Melinda) said...

Good job at sticking with your goals! Getting cute workout clothes makes exercise seem more fun- glad you found some you like. :) I still where my Whinnie the Pooh girls camp shirt- totally the frumpy workout mom.

Tannie Datwyler said...

This makes me smile, AND wish that it were already March (and D was weaned and I could be doing what you are doing...)

Mrs.O'C said...

Yay! Congratulations :) I logged on to for the first time in MONTHS this morning. Here's hoping I join you in the "1.2 lbs down!" club soon :)

Ali said...

Congrats! You've got the right outlook on it all- and you're right- 1.2 rocks. 5 in a week is what the girls on biggest loser do that workout 8 hours a day or more...and that's just impossible as a mom:) Cute workout clothes!! Funny how what you workout in can make a HUGE difference!

Kaela said...

Woohoo for you!! You are inspiring me!! I too love the feel after a good workout, so why oh why do I never find time to do it any more?! Maybe if I gave myself permission to get new workout clothes I would be more motivated. To bad just for health's sake doesn't seem to be doing the trick for me right now:( Keep up the good work and keep posting about it to inspire me, k? K:)

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